Friday, January 8, 2016

More Vintage Anime Goodies!

Yesterday's mail was small, but oh so anticipated! I check daily for the yen to dollar rate and oh boy, its not looking good for us on the dollar side!

So, lucky I got these goodies before then! LOL

 From a sweet friend's online shop! I found this amazing retro Galaxy-eyed gal red case, and a pose doll brooch!

 This lovely retro case, has an amazing Macoto style artwork. I've sold a few in the past. but this one is just gorgeous! Here, is one example from my shop that sold, and here another example.
 The top of the case. Inside below has markings.
Backside of the case. I am still deciding if it will stay in my collection or not... I'm finding myself wanting to keep it! LOL

This lovely vintage lenticular pose doll brooch. I've owned and sold a necklace and key chain version. But this wedding doll posey is just too cute for words!
 I've seen the same model photo used for tissue paper and other ads in vintage mangas as well.
 A very lovely addition to my collection!

Below, I just had to take a photo of the two cases I've found recently side by side. Same styling, probably same company to produce them. Gorgeous anime retro girls on the cover!

After my experience with Caplico here in this post,  I decided to see if I could find more and I did!!
 At our local Payless Supermarket, I found the assorted edition. This includes strawberry, chocolate, and vanilla! It's a fairly large box, with 9 individually wrapped pieces. So, about three of each flavor to try!

 I tried strawberry first, it's a small version as compared to the giant Caplico from the Oyatsu box. So delicious, and at the bottom of the cone is chocolate flavor too! I know the girls will love em' as much as I do!

Thanks for reading! ~ ggsdolls

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