Monday, February 1, 2016

For Sale Page Updated and Mail!

Hello, I updated my For Sale page with a lot of goodies now available! So be sure to check it out!
I have a Takara Showa Era Japanese Miniature House available and much more!

In a small packet from Japan, I received these two cuties below!

 A pencil holder with calendar and schedule planner. SunStar with Yukiko Tani artowork.

 The month dial still works and so cute with different kinds of flowers for each month.
 The backside above, to hold pens, pencils, rulers, etc. Great for as a desk organizer!

 The front above, even has tiny card characters for you to place your daily or weekly schedule.
 The bottom is the the days of the month. Sadly, it's getting stuck. So I don't want to force it. I will be keeping this in my collection. I just noticed I didn't take a photo of the panda lunch box.  Oh boy, maybe later. It too will be in my collection.

Then, I finally found where I had stored my Miniature Licca chan and her dollhouse. Since getting these Lottle/Glico closets, sink, and dressers, I wanted to show that these glico piece would be great for your teeny tiny Licca doll! Licca chan models with the tiny Glico furniture pieces below!
 A double door closet with drawers, and below another style closet.
 A sink for Licca chan's bathroom!
 All are available in my shop! So be sure to look for them, only one of each I'm afraid, and they might go fast?!
Thanks for looking! ~ ggsdolls

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