Wednesday, February 17, 2016

More Birthday Gifts Arrive!!

This year, I gifted myself a few more goodies and some for the shop!! Yay me!

Here's what came in today!

This cute lot of vintage pose dolls! I won the large one cheap and might make her into a large baby bunka? I will see... The second dolly is a hand-made pose doll that I also won through Yahoo Japan.

 Her hair is like Marie Antoinette with all the ribbons. I saw her as a baby bunka, and may remove the wig and her outfit and sew a whole different outfit for her... More later!
 A very cute and nicely made small posey. The seller gave the tiny miniature book too. I will add this cutie to my shop soon, minus the book!
Such a cute tiny book. If you look at the photo on the right above, I think I see the same posey with all the ribbons?! LOL too funny!
 Only 3 pages in the book, but still cute I must admit.

 Then, I also won this lot of 4 cute Indian pose dolls! I have always loved these particular style of pose dolls. I used to find them for a friend of mine in the early 2000s. Then, he got good at finding them himself. He bought these dolls and used them as ornaments for his Christmas tree. I've always admired his tree. But, to find these kinds of posies are next to impossible nowadays, Darn!
 So, naturally, I was shocked to find these?! I will keep two dolls, the blue Indian girl and the one in a red dress.
 The other two will be added to the shop soon! So be on the look out for them!

Last for today, my dream dolly and belated birthday gift number 2!! Dream Floral G, Royal Azalea. I have been longing for one of Jjorolri's dolls for some time now...
 It was really nice to find someone via ebay to help me acquire one!! Yup, I had to fork out a bit of cash to get her too! -_-; But she is so worth it!!

Sadly, I was in direct contact with the doll creator of Dream Floral G last year in August, and she had saved one of her dolls aside for me to buy!! But, she didn't accept paypal payments, only bank transfer. It was going to cost even more for me... Ugh, long story short. I lost out and didn't get one of her first released dolls-_-;

Fast forward to present, I was able to get the seller darsling7, who lives in South Korea to help me get one of the dolls, but thru a Korean Auction site. Sorry can't name it here. She agreed to it and here I am today with my dream dolly! Yippee!

Please note, darsling can help and does tag on her fee for her services, but mind you, if it will get you, your dream dolly? the costs can be minor. I am told Floral G dolls are even more so popular in Korea, so they are going like hotcakes and for more $$ than what Jjorolri sells her creations for... ugh. One will have to do for me! LOL

 Thank you so much darsling7!! She even added some yummies!
 Royal Azalea, mint in box and unopened.

 So excited...
 Envelope with certificate of authenticity, sticker, and story of Dream Floral G dolls!

I love her shoujo style painted eyes, one of the reason I wanted one! I will share more soon, she needs to try on some clothes...

Thank you for looking! ~ ggsdolls

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