Saturday, March 12, 2016

Oyatsu March!

Wow, I was not expecting it to arrive so quickly... Yay! Here's what came in this month!

Many wonderful snacks from Japan! This time around mostly small items, but still so exciting!

First up, Stubborn Potato - Curry flavor. According to Oyatsu a much talked - about new snack in Japan. Tough, crunchy with amazing curry flavor. Endorsed by the iconic Kabuki Actor, Shido Nakamura. He is very handsome on the package too! Sam will love this one because of the curry flavor!

 Nerune - Pineapple & Melon snack above, Kracie's Nerune is the original and most popular DIY candy kit. Can't wait to try it!
 Bikkuriman 8 are known by every generation in Japan. Delicious wafer and choco comes with a highly collectible card. Ohh, I've seen this one once before.
 Kari Poli - Cola & Grape left, Japanese kid's favorite, known for it's unlikely combination of crunchy and chewy textures. On the right, Yuzu Senbei a premium Japanese rice cracker is made using Yuzu(Asian Citrus Fruit) & sugar crystals.

Pokemon 3D - Super Lemon, candy has a 3D graphic of a different Pokemon. Oh so cool, I know Sara will love this one too!
 Classic Kinako Mochi is one of the first candy products made in Japan. We love mochi!
 Koume Chews above, Japan's "Koume" series is instantly recognizable by it's Kimono Girl Mascot. In plum flavor. Yummy!
 Kurobou (Black Bar) are regional snack from the Kyuchu region of Japan. Looks interesting.
 Look 18 Japan's fashion symbol chocolate, a new luxury version. We get Look chocolate bars often on Guam!
 Japanese Gachapon, this month its got cute cats in sushi, mochi or matcha green tea rolls! So cute, but weird at the same time... LOL
 A fun snack month. This may be the last one for a bit. I know if I don't get next, just watch it will be an amazing set... I will really have to think about whether to continue my subscription or not...

Thank you for reading! ~ ggsdolls

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