Monday, April 25, 2016

High Buriccochan Etc...

Interesting Character figures called, "High Buricco-chan" from Amiami!

 There are many collectors that love bunnies or rabbits, but when I saw this up for pre-order a month ago, I have to admit, I was smitten by her!? I don't even know who she is or in what way she is popular in Japan for? Someone fill me in please?! LOL

So, I pre-ordered her set of miniature figures and she arrived to me this week.
 Love her 1960s style fashion, reminds me of some of the retro characters of the day and age. But with a bunny face, that is like a brick, or is it a block type? Who knows...Ha.

My favorite figures below, she is just too cute!
 Here is a side view of her. There are also tiny acrylic stands for the other gals in different poses.
 Just a few of the one's I like the most below... There are a total of 6 figures and 1 secret figure.
 Looks like a 60s band performing atop my anime girl case! Haha.

 I also received my April 2016 Pin Club mystery pin...
 A very cute Unicorn. Sara fell in love with it! Nice addition to my pin collection.

Just wanted to share quickly, Yui reading by the window...

Have a great week dear readers!

Thank you for looking! ~ ggsdolls


  1. Your bunny gals are to die for... and so is THAT UNICORN pin tho!!! G xxx

    1. Thank you dear Gala! There are a few here in the etsy shop just in case you might be interested in any of the pins dear? Many hugs, gg