Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Today's Mail!

Some vintage goodies that came in!

Here's what they are...
 A large sitting Posedoll, an Ado Mizumori Angel Girl figure, and an Ayumi Uyama Collection Book of Bambi and Panda!

"Ayumi Uyama Panda and Bambi Collection ♪

Chapter 1 collected those (Panda and Bambi of the collection)
Chapter 2 daily of those days (Photo Essay)
Become a Chapter 3 doll artist

2011 first edition."

 So many cute Panda items made by Rune Naito and other companies, and also cute ceramic deer figurines. Nowadays, they are very popular with collectors...

 Ado Mizumori Angel girl plastic mascot figure.

水森亜土 エンジェルちゃん/ Ado Mizumori Angel-chan. She seemed like a ceramic figure, but she is a soft vinyl plastic figure instead. Not sure when she was released, but she is very cute!

I also found a lovely sitting posedoll by Oike.

She has a lovely pearl necklace, and her original tag below...

Thanks for looking! ~ ggsdolls


  1. Oh my God!! Your Oike doll??! She's so gorgeous, no joke! Gigi: I found a similar one with a musical box while thrifting this week. Wow, I would love to show you a picture to see if it's from the same family, maybe?? I didn't know what it was, just that she had gorgoeus vintage manga sort of eyes~~~ After a lil research I came up with the name "Bradley" dolls?? But I dunno, I feel you are much more of an expert and can help me locate where my dolly came from, but she's SUPER similar to yours in art style, that is. Mine is just standing up XD G xxx

    1. HI Dear Gala, Yay! Sure no problem. Just email a photo and we can go from there dear. I'd love to help^_~ thank you also and many hugs, gg