Tuesday, June 14, 2016

June 2016 PIN CLUB Pin is Here, Etc!

Here is this month's PIN CLUB pin....

Created by Abby Galloway! So Cute too.
 I love the little houses, maybe dollhouses? This month's pin/ badge is a keeper for sure!

Then, I also received these cute ballet shoes made by Dollmore for Ballet Kid Dolls! I checked their measurements and they will fit Yui, my Azone 1/3 size doll! Yay!
 I got her a pink pair. Sadly, I thought the color was a more peach or pale pink color...
 She does fit them, but the ribbon ties are a bit huge, and the color I got for the sole was in black, ugh. I was hoping to get the off white. But, when you order them, it is stated at the bottom of the item that depending on what color is used that day, that is what is given to you. -_-; Oh well.

 Now, to find her a ballet dress!

I was also able to win this amazing Ayumi Uyama Sleeping Plush Deer! I was so surprised too? Because, they are usually snatched up in the end... She is so sweet and in excellent condition. I believe these were released back in 2003 with her original gift box.

Lovely vintage pose doll art work...
Pink plush deer is sleeping with cute floral decor and red and white gingham ribbon. Even her gold emblem is Ayumi Uyama kawaii birdcage, "Canariya-Do". As seen below along with her original tag!
I have the hard decision of putting her up for sale or not too...?!

Lastly, this lot of plastic toy dishes, etc. Lot along with drinks.
I thought they were play size for children, but, when they came in, they're actually small. More like 1/3 scale size for BJD's. Some pieces may be 1/6 scale size, like the utensils.
I really wanted the lot for the three mixed drinks above. I was hoping they were similar in size to my last dessert toy from this post... Nope, smaller. That's okay, they're still cute for other scenes.
I'm guessing the green one is Melon soda, pink, is watermelon/vanilla, and Blue Hawaii.

They are so cute and fun. Just the right size for Yui too! More on them later...

 Thanks for looking! ~ ggsdolls

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