Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Amazing Kawaii Goodies!!

Oh my goodness... I am dying of all the cuteness here folks!! LOL
I was able to have my dear friend in Japan, to order some goodies for me and here they are!!

 First, I got July 2016 PINClub pin in the mail also! A pair of Azone International 50cm brown sandals for Yui, a pink Swimmer Swan container and glass cloth wipe, all three Soot sprite brooches and lastly, a deer cell phone case with retro deer print!

I ordered this kawaii retro Ayumi Uyama deer cell phone case from an online website. Oh my goodness how cute is this?!
 Featuring the retro vintage fabric design of the 1960s. I have two retro deer types on front and back side.
 The quality of the case is amazing. Inside, you can put credit cards, there's a mirror, and the part that was different is that you are suppose to stick your phone onto this section flap. I did not like that part...
 I didn't want my cell phone there permanently. So, since my old case, was well loved, I figured I could take out the plastic holder and place it on top of this sticker thing. It worked. I will show a pic of it later.

July's PINCLUB pin, a cute dinosaur with shades. LOL. Pink too!

I ordered another pink swan container from Swimmer. I will either have it for sale at Epixcon, or on my For Sale page here later...

 Then, also this cute glass wipe cloth of a retro elephant! Just love the packaging and the cloth itself. So adorable for sure!

 Last, a friend from Japan, via IG also had this very same cute soot sprite brooch holding a yellow Konpieto. So, I did some searching and found a website that sells them! Yay! I had my friend order all three colors!
 Very simple packaging, but these little guys are so cute! I can't wait to wear it to Epixcon!

 So many adorable things in today... I'm feeling very blessed. Thank you to my dear sweet followers(you all), friends, and family for just reading my blog, reading about my many finds and just the support and love you all have for collecting. <3 br="">

much love, ggsdolls

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