Saturday, July 9, 2016

Fixed the Vintage Dolly Closet, Etc...

After receiving the dolly closet, I immediately started working on it. Luckily, I had most of what I needed to do the work. Whew!
 Above, before photo. You can see the drawer loose within the closet...
 I started, with the drawer guides and glued them in place, as they came apart during shipment. While that dried in place, I had to figure out what I could use for the missing door handle. I had some thick thumb tacks, I could use. I didn't have red, but I had a yellow one. I place a piece of cut toothpick into the hole and then pushed the tack in. Maybe if I find a red one, I will change it out. Not permanent, but, will do for now.

I then, started working on the drawer itself. Sadly, it was missing the front piece. Luckily, I had leftover panels from the walls for my Rooms in Miniature. I was able to have my husband help me to cut the proper size for the front panel. I took out my spray paint in dark blue and painted it. Allowing it to dry was time consuming, but it gave me time to work on the whole closet. I saw two areas that had loose wood panels and I just went around an added wood glue to those areas.

 After, the paint mostly dried, I then, glued it onto the drawer and had to wait at least 24hrs for the wood glue to set.
 The next morning all pieces were set and ready to put into place... Finished job above. It turned out nicely too...

 I also forgot to show these cute items. A cat pen, and tiny capsules with kawaii faces I scored from etsy. Inside, is a rolled up piece of paper, you can write tiny messages.
 I'm a sucker for cute things... LOL.

I was able to snag this cute white Rune Naito ceramic vintage devil or unicorn? money bank from the same online shop I often check out. I will add him to the shop.

Very cute. I love Rune Naito closed eye figures.

Thanks for looking! ~ ggsdolls

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