Thursday, July 14, 2016

Fun with Sootsprites Outside and Stickymonger Pin!

I did a little photo shoot of the soot sprite brooches I got...

Then, just a quick shot of my phone case again... LOL
 I then realized, I didn't take a full shot of the phone case. Ha.

Also, my new enamel pin by Sticky Monger/ Joohee Park came in the mail!
 She even added a little drawing for me on the backside of the envelope, how sweet! I fell in love with her Cosmic Girl, The First 2015, just earlier this month, while searching thru IG!!
 Her art reminds me of the vintage or classic style of anime works like Makoto T. or even Chikako Urano's work. Stickymonger shared a pic of her pins that were available. I emailed her and purchased one. She even added a very cute badge pin too!
 Thank you sweet Joohee! I love my pin. She is such a dreamy, galaxy-eyed cosmic girl!
Thanks for looking! ~ ggsdolls

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