Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Goodies for the Shop!

Today's mail was stuck in the mail box... I had to wait for Taby to get home from school, then, Sara to finish her homework. Then, for us to drive up to the village to have Taby try to take the boxes out. I had a hard time earlier today, trying to open the mail box, that was holding two boxes from Japan today...

Ugh, So, I had to just share... Thank goodness for teenage daughters with strong hands, whew... LOL

Here's what came in.

 A vintage Swimmer Japan basket purse, with Snow White themed decals. Very cute. It will be added to the shop!

 I've seen this cute vintage Bunny hanger for some time on Ayumi Uyama searches, the seller wanted 2,000yen for it, but, I found another one for less than that! Yay!
 So cute. You can put the ears down to hang a blouse on it or up to hang other things...

I finally won one of these cute mascot guitar cases. Vintage retro, I thought at first it might be a bento box. But, maybe not...
 It has a mirror inside. Maybe a keepsake container or sorts?
 It comes in parts, then you follow the directions on the box and put them together. A retro feel to it for sure...

 Then, while just keeping busy, I took a quick shot of Chichan below. I love her sweet face!
 Also, Yashica boy is eyeballing Rose-chan! LOL
Thanks for reading! ~ ggsdolls

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