Friday, August 26, 2016

Some Cuties Arrive!

Adorable vintage cuties arrived to me the past two days...

First up, this cute lunch box case from UK ebay seller...
 I've been searching for more of these types of cute bento boxes or cases. There are a few I still would like to get, but to at least find one is great. I will use it to hold tiny trinkets and things instead...

 Then, a dear friend via IG showed me that another member was selling her Cortendorf figurine. Small world, she is actually someone I already knew from flickr! Awesome. Great trans and I receive her today! Her box was crushed on one side, as I opened it, I was worried she was damaged. But, as I pulled away the bubble wrap, she was fine. Whew! Thank you dear NiteMary for packing her safely!
 She is very similar to my smaller island gal with straight long hair. My growing Cortendorf collection!

I also received an amazing trade from the wonderful talented and sweet Shoko of! For one of my rare cute bunny babies here! Also, some of my other posts talking about her shop here.

Milbee Toy Blog can be found, here! Shoko has impeccable taste for vintage dolls, toys and ceramics. She is also very talented and makes her own unique retro plush cats, and artistic cuties. If you check her blog often you will know when she will have her next sale or update her shop for items! I do this religiously. Ha. Shoko finds some of these most rare and cutest goods around!

Shoko, literally blew me away!! She is kind, very accommodating, and so giving! She offered me several packages to see what I might be interested in to trade my little bunny for. I did have two... and one is really all I need. So, we traded, and I am just so in love with everything that she has given me! Oh my goodness... I'm still in shock with all these cuties!
 The trade included a rare Ninohira Baby, a vintage tan retro sitting girl, and she had even given two wonderful extras, actually three! As gifts! Oh my!

The sweetest Ninohira squeak baby! She will be a lovely addition to my squeak toy collection! I hear she is very popular even in Japan. I agree, I tried to bid on one the other day and was outbidded. Such a sweet face, and big eyes. Dreamy...

 A vintage tan dolly, I will not share with you at this time... This lovely ceramic bunny below will be a big brother to my little celluloid baby one! The cute tiger with sleeping eyes, also not shown, just adorable...
 She even surprised me with this cutie below. Her face reminds me of Chi-chan or maybe the Twinkle Star dolls, similar to Liddle Kiddles! So Cool!
Shoko had sent her box out the same day I sent hers... and it came in about 4 days later. That was lightening fast, even for Japan. Sadly, my box to her went first to Honolulu, Hawaii, then it will go to Japan. I am hoping she gets it by Saturday?! Okay, I'm praying she does. LOL

Please be sure to check, Shoko has many rare items listed for sale. It is in Japanese with some English, but if you email her, she will answer your questions.

Thank you dear sweet Shoko for an amazing trade!
Thank you all for reading! ~ ggsdolls

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