Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Happy Mail!

I received some items that will be added to my shop, and some I will or may keep for my collection...

These cute meyercord decals from ebay, with a buy it now. I will keep for my collection. One of the more popular decals. I've always wanted to get a set.
 Nally Ware vintage spice canister set with the "Star Burst" detail. I found this set via an online shop in Australia.
 Another ISO retro item. I love the pastel colors and retro details. I may or may not keep this set?

This cute rubber girl doll via etsy, was calling out to me while I was searching... She is so sweet and cute. She is similar to my sitting dolls here. No flowers in her hands, but her face is like those cry baby sitting dolls with silly faces, that you can easily find online. A great addition to my soft vinyl doll collection. I need to give her a good bath though...
 Finally, I bought this sweet Kamar Santa Claus also from an etsy shop here. I've been wanting to get this guy for some time. He reminds me of the Rankin Bass-made Santas. I can't wait to have him sit by our Christmas tree this year!
 His squinty eyes and rosey cheeks, just to sweet!

Definitely for my collection! This beautifully made retro sleeping dog, from Japan. A fellow instragram follower, Asoubouya. I was able to have my friend in Japan buy this cutie. She arrived to me safely, and she looks just like the vintage retro dogs that many Japan collectors have. The price was nice too, not as expensive as the vintage ones. Whew!

 She even added a sweet handkerchief. So nice of her!

 My society6 throw pillows arrived. They actually come in as pillow cases only. You will have to buy a throw pillow to fit inside it. Luckily, we had some old ones that needed to be revamped...

 The "Bear Rock" photographed by my husband and "Pink Plumeria" by me. I definitely have a place for these two!

 Believe it or not, I won another vintage ceramic bunny bank below. This time she arrived safely, and not cracked. Sadly, though she needs a bit of a paint job on her ears and cheeks. But the rest of her is lovely! I will be adding her to my shop. So be on the look out for her.

 Lastly, this lot of vintage toy necklaces. I will also add them to the shop, some I may keep...
I love the girl cameos best! Very cute.

Thank you for looking! ~ ggsdolls

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