Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Happy Mail Day and Another Trade with My Best Toy Friend!

Today, I received some cuties that I just couldn't resist getting!

 This cute little bunny coin bank. I found through an online shop in Japan. I have seen a larger one wearing a jumper, but this one reading a book was just too adorable. It's quite small and I'm surprised it could hold coins?! LOL
 Usagi-chan reading, for Happiness Mutual Bank, is what the listing said. She will be added to my soft vinyl collection.
 Then, I also found these cuties up for auction through ebay! Whaaaat?! Yup, they were up for auction together in a lot. Kobe Bank Mitsui Sumitomo Monkey Coin Banks.
 Sadly, the blue hat monkey has a lot of issues. I may repaint him? The red hat is in good condition. I've been wanting to get one for some time, and generally, they go fast or for high prices even on Yahoo Japan auctions. So, it was very nice to find these two for a lot less on the bay! Yay.
 I will add one to my collection and sell one in my shop...

I recently, traded with my Best Toy Friend again! This time for my yellow bear with the blue bow and my cute girl with the blue bow on her head. I know, what you are thinking, whaaat?! Trust me, it was hard, but, She gave me choices I could not refuse... I definitely love the items I got and there is a bit more, but I may or may not show later...
 Very rare plush pink bunny baby bag. I say Bag, because she has a zipper at the back to put treasures into for safe keeping. I was very thrilled my Toy Bestie offered this cutie. Like I said, I couldn't refuse. I think, in trade for the yellow plush bear, is very good and we are both happy.
 She is so sweet and adorable!

These two ceramic deer were a gift! Thank you dear Toy Bestie! I only own the gold deer couple, so getting these was awesome! They have nice big eyes!

The other item I won't share at this time... another amazing trade my dear Bestie Toy Friend! Thank you sweetie!

Thank you also for reading! ~ ggsdolls

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