Thursday, November 3, 2016

Upcycling Another Dolly Closet...

I recently acquired another wooden vintage doll closet through etsy. I actually found another before this one, but a fellow doll collector snatched it up quicker than I could. Darn. But, all is good in the love of collecting. So, I found another, this one had the very same colors and even similar decals. The best part was that this one was super cheap! Under $10 dollars, whaaat?! Score! It was the shipping that made many turn away from buying it, though one could understand why s/h was so high. It is a pretty large doll closet. Much larger than most that I've found, even in Japan!

So, I decided I would get it and upcycle its look a bit. The seller was very nice and she immediately shipped it out. I bought it just last week and it arrived super fast from Florida the other day?! Whoa! USPS you are surprising me with all this super fast shipping.

Okay, onto the closet... This wooden closet is not made in Japan, and it doesn't have any markings so I'm not sure? But, I am guessing it's made in the USA. I have seen at least three of the same type, mine included.
 Sadly, it did get damaged a bit, when it arrived. Screw on top, was loose, probably from getting dropped. Ugh.
 The sliding doors and drawer were taped by the seller. Not a good choice, because as the tape was taken off, it pulled off some of the paint as well. Darn.
 Then, the drawer itself was damaged with the front piece completely off the main frame and nails exposed from the areas that were nailed into the wood frame. More ugh.
 As I investigated the situation. There was no replacing anything, whew! Not just changing up the look a bit, I had to see if I could restore the damages... Sure enough, the damages were not so major. So, on the same day it arrived to me, I spent working on it. I re-screwed the loose screw on top, found out that I could flip the panel inside and the top lid itself. I then, took the doors out, repainted them and covered, the bear decals with white paint. I didn't really care for the brown bear in PJs holding a candle. I sealed it, then added, vintage meyercord lamb decals.

I repainted the front panel of the drawer, hammered in the nails onto the front facing piece and re-screwed in the screws that held the front panel together. It was done!Yay!

It turned out very nicely.

For "All Souls Day" the girls and I went up to our friend's condo and spent the day relaxing. A bit of shopping and went home.

Reset-chan had to join us!
Thank you for reading! ~ ggsdolls

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