Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Happy Mail Today!

Here's what came in Today's mail...
 I won a few items through Yahoo Japan, a retro fluffy red and white dog, a baby coin bank, and a Takatoku furniture set.
 This cute retro bobble head dog, has rabbit fur and mohair on its body. He's slim and cute. I needed to brush him out and now, his fur is a lot nicer.
 I'm still deciding on whether to keep him or add him to the shop. He goes nicely with my tiger gift from Milbee.
by boomerang.

 This cute baby coin bank, was just to sweet to pass up. By Sumitomo Mitsui Bank. I've already added him to the shop!
 I found this cutie, through etsy JustZipity. Nice and fluffy, she will be added to my ceramic collection.
 I've always wanted to get one.

 I was able to get these cute retro hair clips on IG from The Traveling Button. Handmade, these are cute clips. Then, I got my rement set from Fairytale Tea Collection. Since finding the vintage ceramic versions, I just had to get the miniature too!
 Baby chick with its mini me, and Baby duck with its mini me. LOL

This cutie by Goebel Hummelwerk Charlot BYJ "SURPRISED" Baby Girl Doll, I got from ebay. I have seen her twice before, both on etsy. This cutie I was able to get, and for a lot less than most were selling thru etsy. Yay!
 She is such a cutie, I know her facial expression may freak out some, but I just love her squinty blue eyes and her vinyl hair. She has two ponytails all rubber, no actual synthetic hair, and her original tag.
 I know she is made in Germany about 1968, according my friend diepuppenstubensammlerin on flickr. Even her body is quite unique. She is heavy like a baby, definitely beautifully made. I can imagine a child placing her into a stroller to take her along for walks or pretend Mommy duties. She will be added to my collection.

 My prize find of the loot from Yahoo Japan is this amazing mint in box, Takatoku Brand Petier Living Room furniture set.
 I have actually been collecting these cute miniature furniture pieces for some time, but honestly, only now sharing?! I wanted to make sure I had my collection complete before showcasing any piece.
 Complete and gorgeously mint, Yay me! These types of furniture pieces remind me of Lundby dollhouse furniture sets. But these were released in Japan. There is no dollhouse that I know of that goes with it, only furniture pieces, like a sink, cabinet, fridge, etc. I will probably try to do a post about them soon...
 Thank you for looking! ~ ggsdolls

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