Monday, April 24, 2017

Lovely Mod Figurine Found!

While doing my usual searches via ebay, I came across a very unique figurine... that caught my eye! She had a BIN feature and I immediately purchased her! She ended up being shipped back to the seller by accident, but then reshipped and still got here super fast too!

 She has gorgeous pale blonde bubble cut hairstyle, with a hunter green V-neck top and yellow mustard capris. She is in a sitting position and is about 8 inches tall. She still has the original sticker stamp on her thigh, and it reads, "AK, Grassau OB"

 Sadly, her wrist looks to have been broken and then re-glued. I brushed her hair, and she was still in nice condition, with minimal dust or cleanup. Yay! She is definitely made in Germany, and I believe similar to or made by the Cortendorf Co. I have seen similar figurines, but they go for a lot of money via Germany's site. So, it was nice to find her at a price I could afford, Stateside, whew!

 After brushing her hair, I touched up her wrist a bit, with similar matching paint. I may touch up her blouse too? Because she has some nicks in some areas. Gosh! Talk about luscious lips too!
 I decided to add two gold tone bracelets, made from "O" rings for jewelry, and a Barbie multi-colored scarf, with green, gold, and two types of purple. It suits her, don't you think?
 She is a welcome addition to my collection. I will have her displayed on my end table for now. I'd love to find more like her... Someday.

Thanks for visiting! ~ ggsdolls

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