Friday, April 28, 2017

My Latest Trade!

Oh my goodness, I just have to showcase the trade I received today!!  Jess, a fellow collector via IG, wanted to trade for my cute furry dog. So, I agreed. She allowed me to adopt her white deer couple set. Yes, I do own the right facing deer, but to have the left! Yay.

The box arrived safely to me today, and to my very surprise, Jess even allowed me to adopt her ceramic bear! What?! Oh my gosh, I'm dreaming. You see, long story short, back in early January, she was offering her brown ceramic bear for sale or trade. I DMed her and asked her about him, she was asking me what I wanted to offer as a price. Then, later, we both just got busy with life... I asked if he sold, or was traded, she didn't say or maybe she didn't get my message on him? Not sure... Fast forward to now, she sent him along with the trade for the fawns!

 This cute bear, reminds me of those Sun Rubber squeak toy bears that are very hard to find or too expensive to buy nowadays! This little guy, has movable head, arms, and legs! Awesome!
 I added a blue ribbon on him. He does look very similar to them, and is a welcome addition to my collection. Especially since, I can't afford a Sun Rubber cutie for now. LOL

The left facing dear below. So cute. 
 Now, my white deer couple is complete. I replaced the ribbon on both and they are now on display in my cabinet.
 I will place the extra right facing deer in my shop later...
I added a ribbon to my unicorn as well. Such a cutie...

I promised to show you a video of the Sankyo Blue Dog music toy. Enjoy!

Thank you for looking! ~ ggsdolls

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