Sunday, May 7, 2017

Diakeito Diagold Mascot Doll

I received an amazing find through Yahoo Japan Saturday! I have seen these dolls a few times before back in 2008, and 2009. I've tried bidding on them, but lost every time. This time, I finally won one. Yay!

ダイヤモンド毛糸/ Diakeito Diagold, is a company that manufactures yarn 100% wool, in Japan. From my research, there are even manuals that show different ways to knit cute clothing, using their products.

 This Mascot doll is about 50cm or 19.5 inches tall. Yup, she's huge. Only her arms and head can move. You can see further below for her body type. She came wearing a lovely knitted blouse and pencil skirt. Very fashionable at the time, perhaps 1950s or so.
 She has molded on black heels and lovely slender fingers. Her face is similar to a pose doll, with a lovely Bubble cut hairstyle. She arrived very soiled and needing a major shower.
 I had to remove her top and skirt, washed them, and then showered her. I tried to get most of the caked on dust on her face and hands off. Sadly, her blouse and skirt needed sewing after the wash and drying process.

 They are over 60 years old... I think I sewed most of the holes on the skirt and blouse. Sadly, the outfit is very delicate. Darn. She has holes underneath her heels, that are supposed to be set into a base.
 She towers over my doll closet!

 These are not my photos, but from sellers auctions, that I kept for reference, back in 2008 and 2009. So very glad I did.
 This shows me that she is suppose to be standing on a base, with the characters, "ダイヤモンド毛糸/ Diakeito", the company. The dolls either stood beside a street sign or a yarn. The mascot dolls were often dressed in knitted fashions.

Amongst my older auction photos saved, I found this! It's a knitting manual.
 (Translated by Shizuka N.)
ブラザー/ Brother L, the company,
編機/Amiki, Knitting Machine.
正しい使い方/ Correct Usage.
 Inside, the dolls, again. Now, I wish I had won this manual! LOL
Amazing pieces of vintage history. I love how Japanese companies back then, packaged their goods for consumers. To this day, Japan still tries to uphold, and bring the same high quality and design, in what they create and sell to their customers in Japan and to the world.

No surprise there! One of the reasons we keep going back...

Thank you for reading! ~ ggsdolls


  1. Wow, thanks for the information. She's a huge doll! You have done a great job on yours, she looks adorable now x

  2. Hi Mason,

    You're very welcome. She is! and thank you very much dear for your kind thoughts. Many hugs, Gigi