Sunday, May 21, 2017

Goodies This Past Week!

I hope you all are having a lovely weekend?!

Here's what I acquired this week...

 Through ebay, I found another vintage "Let's Play Dolls" book, a look and see book by Wonder Books. Has some cute vintage dolls in it, made in Japan. Not by Froebel Kan, but still lovely nonetheless. What doll collector can resist dolls in scenes? LOL
 Cute story as well.
 One of my favorite scenes in the book. A dolly making a mess!

Then, a long anticipated lot of cuties arrive from Australia! Yay! I was able to get these two from a friend via IG. "nitemarys_yardsale" she has amazing items up for sale so check her IG out!
 Both are vintage IWAI squeak toys. "Queen Baby", marked on the larger one's crown. I've always wanted one of these cuties for my collection. I may decide to just keep one and sell one...

Then, I was able to get this item shipped last week from Japan. I won it through Yahoo Japan, a rare Macoto Takahashi Bento box. His art work is one of my faves. So, when I saw the bento box up for auction, I had to try to get it!
 Vintage used, the artwork on it is still nice and bright. I may use it for my lunch or to keep little treasures. Truly a keeper for sure!

I've been so busy uptown the past few days... First, getting my daughters set up for music lessons over the summer, and then having to take Taby to the SATs exam on Saturday, and of course on Friday, Taby and Tevin went to the GIFF or Guam International Film Festival seminar with two Pixar recruiters!
 The event registration was closed when we got the email from Taby's art teacher. Darn, but, luckily, Tevin knew someone through GIFF, and they were able to register! Taby was thrilled.
 The event basically, showcased two of Guam's very own daughters, who work at Pixar, and are recruiters for Interns to Pixar! They came out to share with college students and high school students interested, on how they have a chance to be interns, at Pixar! Both Tevin and Taby, enjoyed it very much.
 Kim Diaz, in the center, is one of Guam's Daughters, who works at Pixar and recruits for them as well.
 Parting gifts from the seminar. Awesome! Some won the cute Luxo Jr. ball when they answered questions correctly! Lucky.

After Taby's exam Saturday, we went to Agana Shopping Center and took Sara to Giftoria! Yup, I couldn't resist. I caved and bought a Disney character Daisy, tsumtsum plushie, and a "Luminary Tears" wand.
 Love the winky Daisy plush!
 This is the latest release of Luminary Tears Part 3, I believe. Januray 2017. I even got the one pictured on the front of the box!

 It comes with a key chain clasp, if you want to hang it on your purse or bag. Now, I have one compact, and one wand. They will be great as props in photos!
 Have a wonderful weekend all!

Much love ~ ggsdolls