Thursday, May 18, 2017

Missing in Action...

Sorry, not much going on as of late. It's been kind of slow. Mail is slow, findings have slowed, etc. I know I've shared with you all, that I've slowed down on searching and buying. But, if there is something you'd like me to locate, I'm still willing to do so. I think it is more so, that I've slowed for my own collecting or collections.

I did receive these cuties in the mail from ebay though...

I found them while searching for other Japan made ceramic figurines. I actually won a much more faded blue baby, just a week before, but the seller refused to send to Guam! Mainly, because she didn't want to fill out customs forms. Yup, I still run into those types of sellers. The listing said, "ship only to USA", Guam is a US territory. I explained to her, but she out right refunded me and said, "I don't want to fill out forms." I even told her it can be done online, with out much hassle... Nope. Oh well, a few days after, I found a Lot of 2 of these cute babies and won! Yay me, in your face, seller who doesn't want to press buttons, cuz its just so hard to do! Ha!

Vintage ceramic 1950s flat head baby figurines, with little to no loss of paint.
 Only one has the stamp, "Japan", but that's okay. They are just adorable and at a cheap price, I just couldn't pass them up. They will be added to my growing small knick knack figurine collection.

Now, I have the 2 babies, a guitar player, and an Indian with his rifle. I must admit, these are just adorable and too cute not to collect...

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Thank you for visiting! ~ ggsdolls