Wednesday, August 2, 2017

An Interesting Lot of Goods!

Today, I received an interesting lot of goodies via Yahoo Japan. At first, I wasn't going to bid on the Lot. But, then noticed that the included an item, that would make another item, I already have in the shop, complete?! Yippee!

Here's what came in today...
 This Lot included, two music boxes, a ceramic bunny bank, and a tan cute dolly.
 First, this lovely Ado Mizumori art music box. In lovely condition, but sadly, the music box doesn't play. Maybe someone will buy it and make it work again. If I had time too, I would try to fix it... To be listed in my shop.

 This lovely boy and girl picking flowers music box is in great condition, and works too! Sadly, just missing the ballerina to twirl in it. You can find these for sale online, if you look carefully. Both music boxes play, a Japanese song, I am not sure the names? The one that does play, is beautiful.

Using my dancing ballerina to show, that this music box works!

This lovely Sanrio tan girl with a bubble cut hairstyle, wearing a green dress, reminds me of Holly Hobby perhaps. Definitely of Ado Mizumori's works. She will be added to my shop as well.

My fave of the Lot, a matching vintage bunny boy coin bank with apron. If you recall I found the girl version here in this post.  I was so happy to find him. Now, they are reunited and hopefully someone will adopt them?

 The listing for the girl will be updated to include the boy bunny!

Then, I also got this cute Rune Naito Pixie in olive green through Yahoo Japan auctions. I will add a bow to her head. Yes, making her a girl. I am having a hard time deciding to let her go... LOL
 My first ceramic pixie too, if I decide to keep her! Ugh, the temptation...

 My most anticipated, this lovely Clarolyte Alan Jay squeak toy cat. I've always wanted one. Now, I do. He was from ebay, and the auction ended in a nice price too!
 Now, I have the cat and poodle in my collection!
 Thank you for reading! ~ ggsdolls

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