Wednesday, August 9, 2017

VTG Licca Chan Gum and More!

Here are some amazing things I was able to find, that came in today!

As you may already know, I collect Licca chan Lotte bubble gum toys. They are similar to Glico toys, but these have the Licca chan name on them, also by Lotte. I grew up with these yummy gums at my local Mom & Pop stores. I often would beg my Mom to buy me some if I saw them on the candy aisle. I found one up for grabs online, and unopened too! Yippee! Along with another cute item.
 Lotte Licca chan bubble gum and secret toy. Unopened.
 Ahh, the graphics are just what I remember...
 I immediately, threw out the gum, though it smelled yummy. LOL It's several years old. Yuck!
 But, I will keep the box for the graphics and memories. Inside, a Licca chan sticker and two pairs of Licca chan size glasses, in pastel blue and pink. It will be a part of my collection.

I couldn't resist, this vintage lovely Astro Boy, I believe patch. Sadly, the plastic clip is broken off. But, I love the girl and graphics nonetheless.
 It's a 3D Lenticular and when you move it, the graphics behind her dance!

 This vintage Tsukuda Yes/No Rummy child size dresser, is mint in box and already listed in my Etsy shop!

 Lovely box graphics on front and back. Inside, you have a child size plastic dresser with mirror. One side is the mirror and other side is a large photo of Rummy. Only one side of the drawer opens, so you can keep little treasures inside.
 Lovely purple and cream color. A great addition to any Yes/No Rummy collection.

On Etsy, I found this nursery duck planter available. She has such a sweet face, I couldn't resist!
 She is quite large about 9 inches tall. By Samson Imports.
 A new addition to my ceramic collection.
 I finally took a group photo of the furries, I made. The pink deer on the left already sold! I am hoping to make more and in other colors too!
Thanks for stopping by! ~ ggsdolls

 PS: Guam is fine! We are not worried and trust in God. Love, ggsdolls