Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Retro Ladymate Powder Puff

I recently found and won this lovely retro piece from Japan!

I've often collected Ladymate music boxes, and there are a small few I will keep. These amazing types just draw me in, and when I do find one... I must say, it is hard to not want them all. Just like my last trinket music box here, this one is amazing in its own way...

 Found through Yahoo Japan, it arrived, sadly the red ruby diamond had to be reglued as it came off during transit to Guam. Otherwise, the powder puff came with its original "Ladymate" tag. I believe Sankyo and Ladymate are one in the same company.

 You lift the lid and underneath, (not shown) is a mirror, and inside a place for a powder puff and you could add your own brand of face powder. When the lid is removed, you will hear the same music box song as my first trinket box, "Fur Elise" by Beethoven.
 Music box key is underneath. In gold, silver, and clear acrylic, there is a red ruby center diamond, with eight white diamonds surrounding the ruby at the center of the lid. Very kitsch too.

 Both of my Ladymate/ Sankyo music trinket boxes. Love them both that's for sure!
 I also made a quick stop at the Goody Store and picked up these fabric swatches and I just couldn't resist these bento cuties. You are supposed to put soy sauce or other condiments inside the cute apple or one bear containers! I may just use them as props in my bento boxes. I'm so happy I found the fabrics in red, now I have a red gingham and red stripe. Yay!
 Number six and seven of my pin cushion chair finds, upcycled from Yesterday. I like the look, simple, not too shabby chic. LOL
 I will list two from my collection in my shop soon. I told myself I have to limit, no room to keep them in my display case. LOL

 My collection of pin cushion wire chairs. I will let go of two in my shop soon! Now, to decide which ones...
Thank you for reading! ~ ggsdolls