Sunday, October 1, 2017

Amazing Retro Girl Find!!

Here is an amazing find that I received the other day...
 If you collect Ayumi Uyama retro girl things, then you will know this piece right off! Basically, Ayumi Uyama is famous for showcasing her lovely Pose dolls and vintage retro girl items. This particular, baby grand piano is one of the retro girly pieces she had recreated by Takara in miniature. As shown above. I've always loved this piece and never thought, one would come up for auction via Yahoo Japan! But, it did! Whoa!
 Lovely, big eye white poodle stickers on the top, with colorful keys. It is in good to great condition for its age and still works too.
 The previous owner re-glued the feet. Probably not original to it. But, still lovely.

Now, to decide if it will stay in my collection or not. It's big and one day when I have a room to display all my girly items and dolls in, I would love this showcased in there!

Hey, Happy October! Here is a short trailer I created, Enjoy! ~ ggsdolls