Friday, January 19, 2018

Cherry Chan Fun!

It's been fun dressing and redressing my Cherry Chan! I took out some of my doll clothing that were in storage, and finding the dresses I've had for years that fit her. It just changes her look with each fashion selection!!
 An Azone International Pure Neemo dress from 2016, I believe. I've added a pink ribbon and a teal blue ribbon choker necklace. Underneath is a Kikipop bloomers. Sorry not shown.
 One of my fave styles on her. It's a bit of a tight fit at the back when you are trying to secure the velcro, but it works.

Then, I took out this dress from Sugar Mag on ebay, I believe, I had since 2007. Oh, my there was a reason I kept this dress! LOL
 Made for Blythe, I got this dress for a 1/6 bjd. The name of the doll escapes me, sorry, Oh well. Stockings by Azone International, shoes generic made for Blythe, from Hong Kong. I added a white ribbon, and white bow from Daiso on her head.

She's like a little Lolita Girl from Harajuku! Just adorable. If you haven't fallen in love with this doll. In time I know you will... Sorry, in advance dear friends. I'm just in awe...

Cherry Chan singing, "Just Like a Star". Also fun with the app again, to create this!
Have a wonderful weekend dear friends!

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