Saturday, February 10, 2018

Classic Toys Stamps!!

A fellow collector Marcello, shared on his IG, that he was able to acquire a newly released "Classic Toys" selection of stamps. I decided to check and see if they were still up for grabs and sure enough they were! Yay! Check through Royal Mail website.
 These stamps are amazing, showcasing vintage dolls and toys, such as Sindy, Action Man, just to name a few...
 The card that holds each of the stamps is also a booklet talking about the toys that are featured.
 They even had postcards. I decided to get both. A very nice nostalgic stroll through memories of the toys of the past... A nice way to remember vintage dolls and toys you might want to get yourself a set?!
I had to order just a few more items via Hobby Search for Cherry Chan. A Kikipop dress, Swimsuit set, and Pure Neemo M Bra set. Sadly, this set of bra didn't fit like the white set did, and the gingham swimsuit top didn't fit her either... oh well. Still cute!
 Cherry Chan in the Kikipop dress, a bit tight on the chest area, but still lovely!
 Then, my sister in-law Jona stopped by with my brother, and dropped two lovely gifts off for my birthday that passed. Inside, this amazing fairy garden she made herself. The flower at the center is a small water fountain!! Too cute! I just had to share this with you!

 She's so sweet. Thank you Sis Jona!
 I found this red register via etsy. It came with two coins. I was planning to use it in a Shop case I got last year, but it's a bit larger than I thought... May keep it for the cute drawer that opens up, and you can put play money into...
 I was able to snag this set of two Mod doll dresses via IG. I love the red dress with colorful tie most. I was hoping they would fit my Gigi doll, but sadly, it is too big. I will have to find another doll it can fit...

 Comes with hangers and I was gifted a pair of red glasses and a Blythe badge too. You are too sweet my dear friend Nitemary_in_Kitschland!!
 Last, I found, and binned this lovely 1957, Dare Wright book, through ebay. Titled, "The Lonely Doll". I've seen it before and always wanted a copy. Now, I got myself one. There are several that Dare wrote... I may try to find the others?

An inspiration for many dolly stories written! Have a wonderful weekend all!

Thank you for looking! ~ ggsdolls