Friday, April 27, 2018

Dragons Breath!!

It's fun to see and try new things! Earlier this year, I saw via instagram a fellow collector having her child try out "Dragon's Breath" a cool treat. Basically, I found out it is liquid Nitrogen infused cereal balls or fruit, that you can eat and gives the impression that you are breathing out smoke, kinda like a Dragon!

Cool, right?! I figured Guam won't have this anytime soon... Sure enough via IG, a local ice cream shop that opened recently, is bringing in the latest craze from California and they were advertising "Dragon's Breath"!! Whaaaaaat! Yup!

Taby and I made our way down to Snow Monster to check it out!
 On Guam, Snow Monster is an sweets shop located next door to Burger King in Upper Tumon. Catering mostly to tourists that wanna shop on Guam, us locals can also check it out for yummy baked goods, new trends, ice cream, etc.!
 "Cookie Monster" ice cream, was yummy, but definitely leaves you looking blue in the mouth, when you are finished, cuz you want more!! LOL
 Taby tried it out. The space is nice and well lit. There are lots of photo ops areas in the shop. Behind Taby was a magical background... There is even a large Teddy sitting by the main doors you could cuddle up to for a quick snap! Sorry not photographed. Ha.
 The reason I came... Dragon's breath. It is basically, puffed cereal balls, with liquid Nitro in it, and they gave us dipping sauces on an art looking palette. Cute!
 Cereal was okay, not too sweet, unless you dip it in the flavored sauce. But, so much fun it you want to look like a smoking Dragon. Kids will love it and Kidults, like myself too! I know I had fun for a bit!
Warning don't hold onto the cup without the cardboard or you'll feel frostbit! LOL If you are looking for this treat to be satisfying as a dessert, not happening. It's more for fun. So, be warned. Haha.

Definitely cool enough to say, I tried it once folks!

I'm definitely going back to try the "Beyonce" Lemonade drink!! Hope you all are having a great weekend start?!

Thanks for looking! ~ ggsdolls