Sunday, July 22, 2018

I'm Going on an Adventure!! PART 4

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(I know it's been almost a month since I've posted! LOL Sorry, I've been on an amazing family summer vacation that has been full of so many memorable adventures... So, you will notice, that I will back post so this stays true to the time frame. Thank you for your patience and for reading them!)
By Wednesday mid morning on July 18th, we landed in Houston, Texas. We decided to take our time, use the restroom, and then find baggage claim. On the way out, there was this Japanese theme kiosk, and lots of Lucky Cats, waving!! While there we booked our stay at Red Roof Inn. We got to the hotel, checked in and relaxed a bit before going to lunch. A few of us took a nap, and by the time we got up, it was early afternoon. We left the hotel to check out the places to eat near by. The closest area, had a complex with all restaurants, Italian, Chinese, Subway, Mexican, just to name a few. We chose to eat at this Italian place, and each ordered, Lasagna, Alfredo pasta, and pizza. It was very good food too! We walked down the complex to see what else they had there, and also to decide what we would want for dinner, when it was time. Then, back to our room we went. Took off our shoes and just relaxed some more. By evening, we were ready for dinner, ate at the Chinese place this time. Food was okay, a bit too salty for my taste. Got back to the hotel, slept early for our flight in the morning. By then, we were packed and ready for the long flight to Narita, Japan. The flight was wide open, and we all made it on First Class. Yay! Whew, for long flights like that, its best to go FC.

 Narita International Airport, United Club lounge.

 We landed into Narita, Japan about 10am on July 20th, and headed to the nearest Unite Club lounge after TSA. We drank, snacked a bit and used the restroom. While there, we booked our hotel, because from what we could see, the flights to Guam, were not looking good for us to get on. Ugh. Oh well, So, we booked our hotel stay at Narita Tobu Hotel. We had to go through TSA to get to the domestic arrival area, and made our way to platform 16 to catch our shuttle bus to the hotel. When we arrived there, which was less than 15 mins., we saw a fellow Guamanian, and talked for a bit. They were headed out to check out the mall, we just wanted to shower and relax. LOL I took a nap, and while I did, Sam and Taby went to the little Mart they had in the hotel and bought dinner. CupONoodles, fruit water, with crab sushi for dinner. When I woke up, Taby had already gotten it ready for me. We relaxed and reorganized our luggage and made plans for the morning. I was up by 3am, and couldn't go back to sleep, so I just did my usual checking emails, IG, etc. By 7am we were dressed and ready to catch the shuttle back to the airport. We checked out, and when we got to the Narita Airport, the counter for our airlines, wasn't opened yet. So, we decided to have breakfast and make a day of it and enjoy the airport.


 We did some minor shopping, mostly looking around and seeing what was there. I made sure to play my favorite game... I got a few goodies there, and you can see them in the Intermission Post. By, the after we were ready to go to the counter, and check in our luggage and make our way to the gate. Luckily, the flight looked a lot better and we all made it in, with the girls and I sitting together and Sam just a seat behind us. By 10:35pm Guam time, we landed safely on the ground. We got home by about 11pm, showered, and went to bed. It was an amazing summer vacation all around. Definitely something that we all, most especially Sara, will remember!

 I'm glad to be back on island too! My shop is open again and now, to make some plush cuties!! More on them soon!

 I hope your summer whether you just stayed home to relax or if you traveled abroad, was a great one! Thank you for reading about my adventures! Many hugs, ~ ggsdolls

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