Monday, August 13, 2018

Small FuzBear Creation!

My first two FuzBears here. I decided to shrink the pattern down about 75 percent and made a 12 inch version of my FuzBear Panda!! I cut out the pattern and then made sure I had enough faux fur to cut from and sure enough I did! Yippee! I started on the head as always and checked to see if the rubber panda face could still fit in that size. Too my surprise it did! I continued to sew and worked my way through the arms and legs. By Saturday evening, I had to stop and continue working in the morning. By 1pm on Sunday, I had completed the little guy! Whew!
I placed him next too the first panda I made, and now I have a small and a large version, still using the same size rubber face! Awesome! Here is what the cutie looks like, and next to her big brother!

 Then, I received a cute pink and white Rushton? type bear from ebay. He is a lot rounder then most and has no tag. Stands about 12 inches tall. I wiped him up and added a cute bow. I may altar his body. Because of his 'roundness', he doesn't sit up well. LOL

Look at that sweet face! Just love him to bits!

Thank you for looking! ~ ggsdolls

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