ggsdolls Finder's Service

I must admit, I am pretty good at finding vintage doll and toy items you may not see very often via ebay, online, etc. But if you'd like for me to locate something for you. I am offering my services in helping you to find your vintage dream item! Below are my terms and conditions and service fees. If you have any questions just email me at I will answer your inquiries as soon as I can. Depending on your location, please allow 24hrs for me to respond, just in case its bedtime here on Guam! - ggsdolls

 Terms and Conditions:

  • I can search and find items for you. If I find the item you are looking for, you will need to pay me a Finder’s service fee of $5 for each item, and depending on the rarity of the item I may charge up to $20. Example below. If nothing is found, then you will not be charged.
  • I am also willing to bid on Yahoo Japan Auction items for you, if you pay me a commission in addition to all the expenses, which includes PayPal service charges, bank fees, and my contact in Japan services. Example below.
Example:   Roly Poly Doll auction Yahoo Japan, end price 6,500yen, plus third party services of 2,500yen, s/h to my address of $15, plus my commission $10, and s/h to your address $18. Final Total: $118usd. 

Please keep in mind the exchange rate at the time of the invoice may change. I use Paypal Currency Exchange rates. Also depending on where the item is being ship to, price for s/h shown is just an example(for USA). I use to ship Worldwide.

Please Note:   For items that cost more than 10,000yen, I do ask for buyers to place a deposit. Should we lose the auction, then I will refund your deposit, otherwise it will go towards your final costs for the item.

This is my Commission Chart below.

Total of up to 5000 yen........ $5
5100 to 9999 yen................. $10
10000  to 15000 yen............ $15
15000 yen to 20000 yen...... $20
20000 yen and up............... 15%

Commission for the additional items:
up to 1499 yen.................... $2
1500yen to 4999 yen..........  $3
5000 yen to 9999 yen.......... $5
10000 yen and up................$10
15000 yen to 20000 yen......$15
20000 yen and up................ 10%

If you agree to these terms, please email the link to me, and let me know your max bid price. I will ask you to pay me a deposit of 1/2 down to the following email below, through paypal, before I can place a bid.
The deposit will be returned to you if we do not win the auction. If we win then the deposit will be subtracted from your final costs for the auction, and s/h to your address from mine.

No refunds or cancellations are accepted, on my Finder's Service or Bidding Service. Please refrain from emailing me if you are expecting to cancel for either service.

Thank you for considering ggsdolls Finder's Service, Cynthia/Gigi

 TO THE CUSTOMER: If these terms cannot be accepted, please refrain from emailing me. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding. My feedback can be found thru my shop on etsy here, my For Sale page here, and below from satisfied customers who have already used my services!


  1. Hi Gigi

    I have been meaning to let you know that I have received nemurin dokincho toy which you kindly sent me and I wanted to let you know I am thrilled to bits with her and can't thank you enough, your service is awesome.

    Thank you again and happy new year xxx

    Best wishes

  2. Hello dear,

    Yay! I'm so happy you enjoy your little cutie! She is adorable I must say! Thank you again for allowing me to help you find your dream toy! Should you want me to find more goodies? I am here. I greatly appreciate your feedback dear! May your dolly or toy dreams come true! hugs, gg

  3. My adorable Shiba doll arrived this morning, she is really gorgeous. I can't find the words to say how happy I am... Thank you so much for your help, and for the friendly communication, I'm really impressed by the quality of your services. Today, you've made my dream come true !
    Again, thank you !
    Many hugs,

    1. Hi Sweet Valerie,

      You are most welcome dear! You've made my day knowing I was able to bring you joy with your new dolly^_~ thank you so much for allowing me to do this for you. Many hugs and much love, gg