Thursday, April 15, 2010

Something to share...

Below is a post I did thru Den of Angels a forum for Asian Balljointed Dolls
to which I am a member of...

"Falling for Tiny Elf doll Dodo over again...

Recently, I saw th1 and tinybear's Dodo. I pray that Rainman will re-release Dodo! I truly hope that this happens. Back in late 2004, I just like tinybear tried to order Dodo via Dolly Paradise back then. But some of us were scammed. I am sure you all heard about this one. Well, to make a long story short, I was able to get my monies back via paypal. Thank God for that!! But to my dismay. I felt so hurt and just sick thinking about gettin a Dodo a few weeks after the incident. Even though started to sell her again. I just couldn't bring myself to gettin' her. I felt like I would get jipped again.

But recently, while searching for more pics of Lyn, Adel, Olivia and others I found Dodo once again amongst other owners photos...and now, I guess with a lot of time... I've healed and wish I could be as lucky as some of you who still have her or were fortunate enough to get her. Poor thing she's been thru so much. I do hope that Rainman releases her again but thru his website. I just can't trust any others. Thanks for listening hugs, gg"

Updated: As of this month April Rainman re-released Dodo again with a few extra items as well! I was soo thrilled and many of my Den of Angel friends have continued to post on my thread on Dodo...Its wonderful how dreams can come true!! - ggsdolls

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