Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The Weekend!

We mostly spent the daytime indoors...
My husband took the photo below of the morning sun shining onto the building windows. It was gonna be a nice day to be out an about.

But instead we mostly spent it indoors...By evening we went out and had dinner at the lovely restaurants that lined the first floor of GreenBelt Mall.
On Saturday we ended up eating at Chili's. We have a Chili's on Guam, and so the menu was quite the same with some exceptions of the local dishes here in the PI. Above a yummy fried cheese cake and ice cream dessert. Delicious!

On Sunday, we ate at an Italian restaurant for lunch. I loved their caesar salad. It was amazing!
 I got the Meatball Marinara Spaghetti below...
 and my husband got the Seafood Spaghetti below. Do you see the squid!! He said it was delicious! I will take his word for it! LOL
 By Monday, I got my hair cut and we did a lot of walking around. Mostly, just looking and enjoying the area. By Tuesday, we went to Chai Time and got bubble Milk Tea, Yum!
 It's nice you can choose to have more sugar or less, and ice too! It was delicious! My husband just got himself chocolate milk. Mine was of course Pearl Milk Tea! At dinner we went to another Italian restaurant and my husband ordered this dish below along with salad and I ordered a salad as well. But believe it or not, this was the first time I've ever tried oysters.
I love certain sea foods, but am just not as brave to try certain ones. So above, I did try one of the oysters and it was actually quite delicious! So, at least I can say I've tried it^_~

Missing home, my children and my dolls!
Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls

Friday, May 23, 2014

Window Shopping...

For Today, it was a nice evening out...

We decided to head over to The Landmark and Glorietta Mall. As we walked along with thousands of other people, also off from work and school, and ready to enjoy an evening out and about the town. It was insanely busy!
From above, you can see the many people ready to shop and dine here in Makati.
Another shot above and below of the same intersection. I love the light here as the sun was going down. We had just come from Glorietta and ate at Sabarro's for dinner. With leftovers in hand, we decided to head back to our hotel and to Mercury Drugs for some things we needed for the next day!
On the way back to GreenBelt, a shop just at the entrance to the area from the overhead bridge that combines the two malls. I forgot the name of it?! But I finally, went inside, and it mostly lip balms and face powders, certain types of makeup. I wanted so bad to ask someone if any of the cute ballerina mannequins were for sale?!
The main window display. They have all these cute mannequin dolls inside the very small shop displayed amongst all the lip glosses and face powder makeup. The sales person asked me if I needed help and I kinda glanced around a bit confused and basically, looked quickly. Then, I told my husband let's go...He was a bit confused too. But, there were just to many people in such a tiny space, I started to feel claustrophobic... and walked out!
I will have to come back to this shop and ask when its not so crazy busy... If I recall I might've taken a shot of this display last year? I'd have to go back and check...hmmm?! So far, things are good, it will be a long weekend, with no physical therapy til Wednesday...I guess we will be watching a lot of movies in the hotel room! LOL

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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

At The Hotel...

Ugh, it was the longest day ever... We were waiting to be released and it took most of the afternoon! Finally, we are back at our hotel room, Yay!

We got ready and left to Greenbelt Mall to eat dinner. Below at Bubba Gump. Its been almost a year since I ate there! So, I figured to try a new dish and drink!
 We both ordered the Georgia Peach Iced Tea! Yum, it was alcoholic and I didn't know til' after I drank some! LOL! So delicious though and we get to keep the glasses too! Wow!

My meal above is called Shrimp Pasta. Mmmm, it was heavenly! I loved how light it was and flavorful too!
My husband got the Shrimp Heaven appetizer! With lots of different cooked shrimp! We both couldn't finish our meals! A doggy bag please... So, we took it back to the hotel for another meal later on...
By morning the next day, I stayed at the hotel and watched TV, and took photos of Shiori at the window of the hotel room...
It was a nice sunny day too!
It will be nice to see what the rest of the day brings...hmm?!
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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Time To Heal.

Sam arrived back a little after 11am. He was still sleeping.
Exhausted, I just let him rest. By 1pm, he was awake and feeling okay. He was still numb from the anesthesia, that his arm felt fine.
By 5pm his doctor arrived and basically told him he had to move his arm to keep scare tissue from forming again!

Above, underneath the bandages are about five ice pick size incisions, to remove the scarring. His doctor recommended movements while his arm was still numb.

A sigh of relief came over me, and to see him raise his arm that high again, was truly amazing to watch! We will have a few more physical therapy sessions before we can head home...
I will be glad to just get back to our hotel!

Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls


Today was the surgery, and I woke up early and a bit groggy. A couch is never the best place to sleep... My husband just before leaving for surgery. I woke up at 4am! I guess I'm still on Guam time...LOL!
Early morning above and below. 
By 11am, he didn't come back from the surgery. I must admit I was a bit worried for him, but I was hopeful that this one will be the last and that he will be able to move his arm better...
My lunch, garlic rice, with chopped cucumbers, tomato, onions, fried fish. It was delicious!
It will be awhile before my Husband gets back, I'm told he is in the recovery room... Time to read a book...
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Monday, May 19, 2014

Away From Home...

Here we are on another adventure. Almost one year ago Today, we were in the Philippines for my husband's surgery, and now we are back! Sadly, his shoulder needs to have the scar tissue removed in order for him to have more mobility...

The room we are in is a lot brighter then the last one I remembered! Thank goodness! Nice large window for lots of light, and for me it feels a lot more spacious. It's gonna be a few days here!
Thanks for reading! -ggsdolls

Friday, May 16, 2014

Mail Call!

While working on the classroom. I received in the mail just a few items...
 Azone released the boy jumper outfits and I received mine! I wanted the jumper for Heukdan! I also received a school set by Bandai, sadly, the pieces are more for 1/6 scale, so I will only be able to use the chalk and holder for my Classroom-_-;
Heukdan fits the cute fashion well. I only used the jumper in this shot. Still she's a breath of fresh air in her new duds!!

Shiori just had to try on a cute mask from the megahouse 'festival days' set, while I was re-organizing my rement and megahouse miniatures... Too cute and funny!

PS I will be traveling to the Philippines for my husband's next surgery...I will post from the PI!
Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls

Cobaanii Retro Classroom w Accessories!

Since receiving the office desk and chairs set, I was able to set up and take photos of the Retro Classroom in its mostly completed glory! I first got the classroom set in a previous post here! Along with the accessories here...

Photo spammage warning...LOL!
 I made the classroom more like a High School class setting. I remembered the good ole' days of my teaching career and got some clip art of geography maps, English Literature posters and I also added a Japanese Character Chart! These were all printed and then taped over to create a poster-like look to them...
I previously tried to write on the chalkboard itself using a white color pencil, but that didn't work, so I will have to wait til' I can get some chalk or white paint, but I don't think I want something permanent...hmmm?!

 Above, I decided to try placing a 1/12 scale figure I have...
Below, is actually an earlier photo prior to getting the office desk. I wanted to show that Shiori loves art and often doodles, in this case she was working on some charcoal art...
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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Hasegawa Hobby Model Office Desk and Student Desk Kits!

In the mail today! These amazing Hasegawa Hobby plastic model kits 1/12 scale office desk and student desks arrived to me from Hobby Search! I had actually ordered them thru AmiAmi, but sadly they were a pre-order and took forever to get sent out. So, I ended up buying these thru Hobby Search and they came in so quickly! Not sure if I mentioned, but the office desk you see below is the very same office desk my daughter and I saw at the Akihabara Store! When I think of it, I wish I had bought it then, when I saw it!! Ugh...oh well...
 Above, the student desk set comes with three desks and chairs. I decided to give the student desks to Taby, since I already have this set here also by Hasegawa Hobby Models!
 I opened the office desk set and started to put it together. It was quite easy, with some sections being a bit of a challenge. But in the end, the office desk and chair look amazing below!
 I can't wait to use it in the Cobaanii Classroom soon!! Photo shoot next!!
Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Miner's Rooms In Miniature Part II

Today, I had more natural light to set up and take photos of the set as completed. If you need to get caught up with what I am talking about click here, for my Part I post! Having most of the original pieces for the set just about completes my living room set of the collection... I must admit having the original wall panels makes a lot of difference. The boards I used before were heavier in material, these original wall panels are a lot lighter made of thick cardboard, and can be easily bent, ripped or dented. So, I have to be extra careful when using them.
I still had the same problem as with the copy walls, placing the pegs and wall supports weren't any easier...I had to hold the top frame in place with one hand, while the other slowly put in the supports. It can be challenging. I wonder how kids back in the 60s fared with putting the supports in place?!
I did a simple look, as shown of the photo on the box. The painting has a hard time staying in place, so I used some putty. Still, the set looks amazing and I am very pleased with the turn out.
 The left side...above.
 The right side.
 Top view.
 I also took photos of the acrylic panels in place. Very nice, now, if only I could place this set on a shelf so that I could look and admire it....hmmm. Then, again, I'm a stickler about dust and can't stand when my things get dusty...ugh! So back into your box for safe keeping! LOL

I had to take a shot of Chii in the set. She looks a bit out of place, but cute all the same for being in this amazing piece of 1960s toy history!!
Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls