Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Cute Little Finds!

Here's what I received today...
 I had some Raglans Indigo sleeve Tees made with my Rushton plushies collection on it. I already listed them in my shop on Etsy, so be sure to look out for it. Lots of my cute plushies featured. I even listed two of them photographed up for adoption. I think it is time for someone else to enjoy them!! Then, these handmade kitsch vintage cuties from FancyFrancine on Instagram. She was selling a few items last weekend and I couldn't help but buy a few. The sweet lamb plaque, and two brooches with 1960s style gals on them...

 I also, found and bought this cute vintage West Germany puppenhaus baby doll. I've seen them quite often via other collector friends with their dollhouse people and this cute baby inside a crib or stroller. About 1/12 scale, this baby generally are posed with the bendable type dollhouse family. The unique thing about this one is the dome case he comes with! I could use it to put other cuties inside to display out of my cabinet, like on my end table or dresser. I did have to fix the poor baby, his diaper was sewn on wrong, perhaps a factory defect? Haha. Now, he's all better. I will try to take pics of him with my dollhouse stroller!!

 I also found one of my ISO Swimmer mini tables! Yay!! Now, I'm almost complete with the ones that I've been searching for. Yesss!! This is the mini table Chick version. A bit beaten up, but still so adorable. I will have to take out my mini table collection so you can see all the ones that I have thus far... Haha! Last, I also had my friend buy this set of two bunka dolls. So adorable. I will add one of them to my shop soon!

 Thank you for reading my blog! ~ ggsdolls

Saturday, June 22, 2019

My Fellow Collector Friends R AWESOME!!!!!

Oh my goodness, I love my sis from another Mister, Blaire of Comickitsch on IG!! We have been close since last year and she is one of the most beautiful souls on IG along with several others collectors and you know who you are!! She collected a few goodies for my daughters and sent it to me. I received the cutely covered astronaut and space themed sticker box!! Thank you sweet sis, Sara and Taby love everything!!

 Inside a large plastic envelope was, cute fuzzy bunny mermaids, coin purses, fox key chain, and so much more!! My favorite was the white envelope holding the most amazing art by Blaire herself, of a Rune Naito girl pose doll!!!!! I love her the most and need to find a frame fast to have her displayed. Blaire captured her in an amazing pastel way, I'm more than thrilled! Thank you sis so much!! Seriously one of my faves for sure!
 Another beautiful soul is Feerique of "Feerique Shop" on Etsy. I saw that she listed this vintage ceramic sweater cat couple set and I literally jumped and hit the buy button!! Haha. They arrived safely to me along with Blaire's box and need I say more... LOL

 I sold off my sweater cuties last month, so finding these cuties available was a blessing. They are small and will be great additions to my collection. Thank you Feerique, and she even added a little gift for me. I love her business card too, so cute!! I also made a quick stop to the Goody store and got a few things... Another kids bath bomb, yellow rope, and two fuzzy ice cream cone key chains!! Yippee!

 I finally took one of the bath bombs I bought last year and opened it up. Here at our house we only have showers and not a bath tub, so I used a bowl to see the cute toy inside!

 Inside, a cute kitty! It's always fun to find surprises even if it is inside a fun bath bomb!! Ha!

 Thank you for looking! ~ ggsdolls

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Dickens Prints!!

I recently received a set of Dickens art prints from the UK. I actually have another set and didn't know who the artist was until now... My first set is here in this post. Signed by Dickens, this set features two girls, one brunette titled, "Lindy", and a blonde titled, "Louise". The previous owners even signed it 1964, from Christine to her grandmother. How sweet. Each of the girls are holding a cat, and the other a bear. I love their faces and their fashions as well. Reminding you of the 1960s fashions for children. They also remind me of Crissy or Barbie artwork on their booklets...

I looked up Dickens and found Archie Dickens, if you look him up, it says he was a greeting card artist and later a pin up artist. His works are popular mostly in Europe and I know I've seen a few here in the States too. I will keep this set and list my other set in my Etsy shop soon! Next, I found this lovely sheer baby doll dress for 15" to 17" size dolls. I was hoping to get it to fit on my Rushton Bunny, but sadly, the bunny couldn't fit it chest-wise. Ugh. I may try it on my Rushton Bear?! Haha! The vintage dolly dress has no tags, but I love the coloring and the sheer fabric. It comes with a slip dress and bloomers too.

 Last, I won this vtg Pose doll Snow baby via Yahoo Japan. She needed a lot of cleaning, but sadly because she is made of stocking fabric, I can't just put her in the washer. So I wiped her down thoroughly. I replaced her hanging rope with a blue striped version, and replaced her pompoms on her hands and feet with vintage pompoms I found via Etsy. I've already added her to my shop! She so adorable with her eyelashes!

Thank you for reading! ~ ggsdolls