Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Some Rement Goodies, Etc., from Japan!

I received a small box today and just couldn't wait to try out the goodies that came in!!

 Above, I won thru Yahoo Japan some small items...like a vintage Minna Nouchi plant set 1/12 scale. Hot Springs shoe cabinet set, Sapporo bathing lady, Attack No. 1 Figure, and Rement oranges set with basket!
 The 1/12 scale plants are a great addition. You can also put it together yourself. Sadly, the clay to place into the pots had hardened...but, no prob!
 Below, Attack No. 1 a vintage shoujo anime manga about volleyball. I got the boy figure thinking he might be a nice scale for the plastic dollhouse, but sadly, he was a bit too large for it-_-; I may add him to the shop!?
 I love his traditional school uniform!
 Below, by Takara "Hot Springs" collection. I found this set and wanted to see if it would work in the Plastic dollhouse and sure enough it is a lovely fit! So cute and tiny too!
 It comes with 3 shoes, an umbrella, soap, and scrubber. Just look at those super tiny Zori's!!

 Above, I just had to add them to the entrance of the house and below, in the main room. Some tiny people live there!
 The shoe cabinet was a nice touch in the entrance way...
 Then, I also got this cute bathing lady. My first thought was to add her into the bathroom of the Plastic dollhouse...but her base is rocks...hmmm?! I will have to figure that out later on...
 She has a pretty face and body. So tiny too! I need to find more period Japan furnishings etc. for this dollhouse! Notice the scrubber I placed into the bucket below!! LOL
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Monday, October 28, 2013

Inside the Japan Plastic Dollhouse, etc.

Over the weekend I had a chance to rearrange and fix the 1/30 scale dollhouse. Instead I made it a one story and left the roof off for the time being as I decorated the inside. I also received some rement to use inside the dollhouse!
 The rement I used is a bit smaller than 1/12 scale. It was a bit large for the house, but still worked nicely for some of the pieces!
 Now, the house looks more like a Japanese period home, then before. I did, however, leave some of the more modern pieces, til' I can find something more suitable later on...?

 The kitchen area with fridge. The furniture in here is also made in Japan!
 The Dining area below. I used Petite Princess coffee table and more of the made in Japan cabinets.

 Rement dresser and stool below...
 Then, I also received in the mail this cute dolly head from etsy! It's somewhat large, might need a large dolly body...It was cheap and I just had to get one since it was quite unique!

Thru ebay, I won this lovely Froebel Kan Co. Ltd. book below, really cheap too! I just had to get it, because it showcases some cute made in Japan dolls and toys I've seen thru Yahoo Japan!!

 Spam pics of the board book below...

Finally, I got this from ebay as well, a Holly Hobbie fashion for Makochan to try!!? We'll see if she fits it!

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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Closet Clean Out!!

Hi all,

Just a heads up! This weekend and through out the week. I will be listing some amazing and rare finds from my collection via my etsy shop!! So Check it out, starting today!! My Shop's here!!

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Friday, October 18, 2013

Vintage Instant Dollhouse by Winthrop!

I came across a post by a friend's blog here, about a pop-up instant dollhouse! I fell in love with her dollhouse and the graphics on it. Mostly, because I was looking for background scenes to showcase some of my dollhouse furnishings I found thru Yahoo Japan. So far, this was one of the best houses with vintage style graphics. Sadly, I was not able to acquire the same instant dollhouse she had, but instead found the 4" dollhouse version and super cheap too via ebay!
 Above, the box for the Instant Play House. This version was made for 4" size dolls, like liddle kiddles, Pee-Wees, Trolls, Itsy-Bitsy dolls, etc. That makes sense since the graphics are more so child-like or for a child's room...
 The playhouse can easily folds and be stored away. Inside, there are 5 pieces of instant furniture! A tv, stove with sink, fridge, daybed, and chair.
 The back side of the house below, when opened.
 On the other side is a child's bedroom, playroom? You can place the daybed, TV, and chair in this room.
 another look at the same room...

 Below, similar to my friend's dollhouse, this house also has a kitchen, with the same style stove, sink, and fridge.
 Below, is the other room across from the kitchen. An ice cream bar and playroom. Definitely, made for smaller dolls and fun for baby-like dolls as well. Still lovely graphics in this house, but I decided to give it to Sara. I know she would enjoy this house more than I would.
Now, I can only hope to find the other?! LOL!
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Thursday, October 17, 2013

More on My 2 Story Plastic Dollhouse...

 Just a few more spam pics of the house and I've added a few people that live there...

 I found that my Robotech tiny figures are a nice scale to the house!!

On a different note, I did a trade with a dear friend and added this cutie to my squeak doll collection below!

 Some cute goodies she added that I was able to use in the dollhouse. The plastic umbrellas! Then, I also received in the mail a Lot of cute vintage Christmas ornaments and these two colorful mice are a great addition to my collection! Can't wait to use them this year!

Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls

New/Old Ad Plastic Dollhouse Showa Era from Japan!!

Oh my goodness! I was so thrilled to receive this amazing vintage Japanese plastic dollhouse. I am guessing the name is AD, its all in Japanese and even when I translated it, this is all it said,"Ad Plastic Deruhausu also" in Japanese, "アド プラスチック もデルハウス".

I actually won this thru Yahoo Japan and spent quite a bit of money for it. I just couldn't help it. All I saw was retro house and 1/30 scale! I loved the way it looked and the fact that you could change it around if you wanted too! It can be a two-story house or one-story!
 The box above arrived in nice, mint, and unopened shape too! I opened it up and I only had the house and some rement I won inside!
 All the parts were still packaged and sealed inside, along with taped base panels.
 The instruction booklet and brochure above and below. I loved the scale and the kids looked like they had fun making it!
 There were other style homes as well. This must have been released in the late 60's or 70's? The style of the vintage Japanese homes are amazing and so intricate as well!
 Above the booklet showed how the parts are put together! Below, are the styles that were sold!

 There was even a building above! I am guessing that these homes were made for display with train sets?
 One of the first style houses I wanted to do! But ended up doing another!LOL!
 I started late in the afternoon and worked into mid evening Yesterday. It was long and somewhat hard to do. Of course the instructions were in Japanese so I just followed the illustrations. Some parts were easy to put on, but others were harder and pegs broke twice!! Ugh!
What the first floor looked like by the end of the evening! Below, I began working on it again and finished by mid morning! The house comes with flooring mats as well. The windows had so many parts to put together first before hand, whew! Then, the roof and some of the panels were hard to push into pegs...but I managed to get it done. I won't be able to change the house around too much as the pegs broke easily-_-; But we will see...
 Above and below, the front side of the house.
 Doors open, and windows slide open or shut...

 Side views. Inside is a staircase to the second floor!
 There are even doors inside you can open to look into another room! A bathroom area, etc. No furniture of course, but one can imagine or put something inside!! Hmmm, I wonder?!

 The backside of the house above and below...

 Sadly, it didn't come with trees as shown, or the gates and car...But, still it is an amazing set!
A close shot of the second floor inside. Has sliding doors to the other room and floor mats. I will add more soon!!
Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls