Saturday, June 27, 2020

Upcycling Fun!!

If you recall, I got a ceramic Lapin couple set here in this post. I was waiting for some cute things to arrive that I needed to make the girl bunny complete... It finally did!
I searched and found these vintage chenille mini bees on Etsy. Sadly, on 3 were left, but that works for me. I got two in blue and one in red. I immediately, glued the blue bee onto the little hole on the girl bunny's ear. Sure enough, the bee sat nicely and look at how adorable she is! I've seen these chenille bees on other figurines from Japan, like a Rune Bunny. They definitely finish her look, while holding a flower in her paws. Looks like a little bee wants to taste it! I listed the girl bun on my Etsy shop today at 12pm, Guam time and she sold in 7 minutes!! The boy bunny is reserved for a dear friend.
Those googly eyes are just the bees knees to me! Haha Don't you love Chenille dolls, animals and such!! I do! Especially those made in Japan, they are just intricate to me.

Next, I also received this mint in package, vintage Darice felt dolly craft head with yarn hair. I have plans for this beauty!! I love her eyes and cute hairstyle. She will make a very nice wall plaque, don't you think?! I began working on her today. If you look further below in my post, you can see how she turned out. I used blue satin fabric, and the same heart wood plaque I made this cute puppy into, here, in this post!
I then, added red and white gingham ribbon to hang it up with, and white glitter lace ribbon as a collar for her. I also decided to use some of those shiny pastel colored lettering from the Goody Store, along with some cabochon cabs in an ice cream soda and a hot pink bow! I may add something else, not sure what yet... Hhm...

Ohh, maybe she needs some pink tulle?!! I'll have to update this post, if I add that to her. Be sure to check back later if I do?! Haha. Last, I found this cute little toy pincher Bambi plush on Etsy, and all the way from Netherlands! It took him a little over a month, but he was worth the wait! He didn't have a tail or white spots on his back... So, I added them! I basically, took a vintage puff ball in white, glued it on, then painted it brown and nude tones. Then took some white paint, and added spots to his fur. He really looks like Bambi to me now. One of the reasons, I had to have him!!
Keep on creating, stay safe, and stay well everyone!

Thank you for looking! ~ ggsdolls

Okay, so I added the tulle and I think it looks better! What do you think?

Thursday, June 25, 2020

Super Rare Rune Unicorn w Oil Lamp Cart!!

Rune Unicorn's have been a holy grail for many Kitsch ceramic collectors, and I've found many in my searches as shown in these posts here, and mostly from Japan directly. I've held onto a few for several years, but mostly, I've decided I want others to enjoy them more, then me keeping them. The colors I've seen are red haired, yellow, blue, and green or teal haired unicorns. Some are toothpick holders, vases, or just cute figurines with chains. Some are super rare like the large one's I've only seen from a fellow collector in Australia. This time, no different, I found it in an online shop in Japan. This one, I have never seen before, and I've tried doing researches to find something similar.

This one is a green haired unicorn pulling an oil lamp cart! When I saw it I was definitely surprised. It is unique in its stance as compared to the others, but same eyes, and overall cuteness. The ceramic unicorn is chained to a cart holding an oil lamp with daisy and lady bug decor on the side. The glass lamp shade is the same color as the unicorn, and it still has the wick inside, which looks to be unused. No oil in the lamp.

I will be adding him to my shop in just a few minutes. I also added a new gal in my ggsdolls Felt Posies lot, and they have all been listed in my shop too.

They were fun to create. I especially like the blue haired girls. Both are adorable. I need to make a new Bluette, because the one you see above, was my first attempt. But, you can find "Sadie", "Apple", and "Candy" listed right now, in my Etsy shop!

Last, when I got some felt from my local Goody Store, I found this felt bear making kit. I've seen it before and figured I'd give it a go! He was very simple to put together and fun for kids to make too! I will have to get some for my niece!!

I hope you are all safe and well! Have a great week!!

Thank you for reading! ~ ggsdolls

Monday, June 22, 2020

Handmade Felt Pose Dolls

I recently became smitten by a fellow collector's pose doll from Japan. I wasn't sure if hers was handmade by her or her mother, when she was a child. But, her little doll was just too cute. So, I decided to try to make one for myself. I snapped a pic of her dolly and had Sara help me to make an outline of the doll from the photo I took. I then, drew and made a pattern to sew the actual doll. It took me a few days to sew and create them, but it was exciting to see if I could do it??

In the end, I made three! My pose doll is not exactly like hers, but close enough, and I even put wires inside, so she is able to hold poses too! Here she is by the drawing. Instead of flowers on her hair, I did bows. From my first attempt, you can see her arms and legs were cut separately and sewn all along the edges. But, you will see on the 2nd and 3rd dolls, I decided to fold and cut so, that I will only have to sew on one side, and also to give the arms some roundness to them.

My blue haired gal, "Bluette", above is my favorite at the moment. I had a lot of fun creating them! Blonde gal, "Sadie", below and also a red head gal, "Apple". Their dresses are same style, but different accents to them.

Them, being mischievous and taking over my bedroom wall and decor!! "Hey girls! Behave!!" Look at the attitude on Bluette below!!

I also received two boxes in the mail today. And, in one of them, is this adorable fawn pin cushion from Avi8rLady on Etsy!! I saw a fellow collector's post on her on Instagram, and immediately went to the shop and bought the last fawn, and she was exactly the one I wanted too! Sadly, she took a detour instead of coming through Hawaii, she went to Chicago. Haha! I was worried at first, but then, she made it safely to me. Karol was so kind to keep in touch to make sure this cutie arrived safely. Karol even added a cute pin as a gift!! I am just thrilled with my purchase and I hope she brings in more of these adorable fawns!! I will definitely be back for more!! You should check her shop out too, especially if you like to sew or know someone who does, they will love her cute pin cushions!!

The 2nd box, that came in, held this yumminess! Yup, I bought another ceramic Donut trinket box in Teal!! I couldn't help it. You can read this post where I got the 1st one, on Etsy. But, yeah, my pink Donut just looked to lonely on my cake stand. She needed a partner! LOL

Thank you for looking! ~ ggsdolls