Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Busy Creating...

 As I slowly completed some projects the past few days, I was able to begin on others to get them done. I had actually gotten this adorable vintage rubber face cat girl doll from a fellow collector via IG. She had the doll up for auction and I was actually surprise to be the winner. I had gotten her since last week. Last night into today, I decided I would work on her!

Above photo not mine, from the auction on IG. She was basically, a rubber face modified onto a 12 inch doll body. She had two fashions with her. When she arrived, I took the head off and saw that the neck was pushed in from the back of the neck, and glued in order to fit the neck joint of the doll body. I was able to remove the glue on the neck area, but the rubber part of the back neck was bent inwards and glued to fit. So, I used an Exacto knife to slowly cut at the glue and allow for the rubber to be released from its position. I then, removed the tail which was sewn onto a crochet panty. I knew I would want to use the tail to add to the plush I was going to make for her body. She was cute as a dolly, but I thought she would be better as a plushie instead.

I decided I would use the pattern for the other My Toy Co. plush kitty I restored last time. I still had the old body and could make a new one with it. I began with white fur and decided that her underside would be pink, just the way the old plush was from the other cat. Generally, when I choose a color scheme, I try to go with what the rubber face looks like and since this face had white hair I figured a white body with pink underside would look amazing on her. I began with cutting out the pattern last night, and then started sewing. By mid day, all I had to do was stuff the body, add wiring to the front paws and close the stitching. A little fur trim to match the white fur. Then, touch up of her face paint and added some blush.
By the afternoon, I just needed to add a satin bow to her. Below, here she is side by side the My Toy Co. kitty. I think her plush body is perfect on her, the fur tail also matches her quite well on her backside. I may remove the satin bow and instead use blue cord with a little bell to make a collar... I absolutely love her wittle face! She turned out quite nicely. Ugh, that just makes it harder for me to let her go if I have too! LOL

Next, I received this lovely Acid Banana necklace as a trade from Susie on IG. I have been wanting this version of her necklaces forever!!! I am so glad to be able to have one. She sells out so fast it is really hard to get one. So this beaut will be treasured. I found this lovely vtg Gund bunny to restore and resell. She just needed a good wash and given a pinafore. She is quite unique and already listed in my shop! I also found this lovely maroon Easter 1940s plush bunny. She doesn't have satin ears, but still a lovely color! I may add her to my shop? Be checking my shop often!!

Then, I found this lovely vintage pink puppy sleeping plush. She was washed and I added some flowers and a bow to her. I hope to add her to my shop soon as well. I was going to keep her, because she reminded me of the cute puppy in the vintage baby card below!! Definitely a Gund in the card. But the one I found had no tag, so I don't believe she was a Gund. But, perhaps a Genie or Columbia Toy Brand plush.

Last, this lovely Artistic Toys Inc. vintage sleepy puppy in white and hot pink. She has in gold letters the name, "Marilyn". Perhaps Marilyn Monroe? Definitely vintage, she has a little bell on her tail and is just to cute with her sleepy face and tongue sticking out. I may keep her... Not sure yet?

Summer storms are coming and going. I hope you all are enjoying your summer daze?!

Thank you for looking! ~ ggsdolls

Friday, June 18, 2021


 I've been on a roll as of late, restoring some adorable bunnies that have arrived the past week or so...

I've been obsessed by these sleeping bunnies since a fellow collector created her white Jellybuns and I adopted one. So, I was on the hunt for a sleep bunny, and sure enough when I found one, more followed. I bought a few to restore and add to my shop, well most actually. But after cleaning them up, adding satin bows and giving some a lace skirt... Well, I fell in love with them. Ugh!! The yellow sleepy bun is by Rushton, she is large and my favorite of the three I've found. I am definitely keep her! She just needed a wash, and replacement nose. Then, I took Alvina's idea of the lace or crochet skirt and bought some lace trims and added snaps to it. TaDa! She is a large version of Alvina's adorable white Jellybun, here in this post you can see what I speak of!

Then, I restored the rose pink bunny top photo of this post. She is actually a Gund Co. plush. The difference for her is that she has an X for her mouth, not felt tongue or puffy nose. She is lovely in her coloring too. I had to sew her satin ears though, the original ones were torn off. Poor baby. She is just as adorable and I love her coloring too! Next, I found a brown Gund Sleepy Bun. I believe she is more newer than the other, probably late 50s. She has the puffy nose and felt tongue, but her ears have a plastic straight piece inside it to keep her ears upright. No wires. She only needed minor restoring, a good wash and I added a satin dotted ribbon and the hot pink lace skirt. She is already listed in my shop!

Sometimes Ross stores surprise me! Taby found this pink Crosley record player. She actually found a black one for Sam, and I told her if she ever saw a pink or blue to think of me. LOL... and she did!! I plugged it in and its bluetooth as well! Yay! I played a vintage Miyako Maki art printed record from Japan, and also a fellow collector's band record with cute plushies on it. The Band is called, "Mint Lee Noka". Here I thought their music just instrumental, but, no. Their songs are adorable, as if the cute vintage plushies they have on their record come to life to play music. One of their songs is called "Midnight Celebration", and is sings about them coming to life to eat and play. Too cute!

I also received more copies of my New Book on my plush finds. They are already listed in the shop! Than, I asked sweet Sui of Suiberry minis to make me a mini version of her large sleepy bun and she did! She also made me a mini Chubby Tubby Cherub as a gift!! I was thrilled and so happy to receive them so quickly too! They are adorable additions to my mini Rushton collection too! The Yellow sleepy bun goes with me everywhere now!! Thank you sweet Sui, I love them!! Next, I had some adorable Tees made for my plushies, these are also available in my shop! Sadly, my Happy bear couldn't fit it, but at least my medium sized plushies can. I hope to bring in other styles soon too!

These adorable vintage Ado Mizumori ceramic lady ornaments are also in my shop! Very Rune Naito too! Love their bouffant hairstyles! Next, I found while searching this lovely vintage puppy pillow! It was handmade by someone's mom or grandmother back in the 50s or 60s, I believe. There is also a simplicity pattern it is made from. I fell in love with the fabric and that face!! Then, I could not help myself and adopted this wooden crib toy from a fellow collector's shop!! I love the colors and it's a pull toy. When you pull on the string, his legs and arms move up and down. Just too cute and made in Italy.

Last, these two cuties, I have already listed in my shop. The Knickerbocker pouty bear you probably have seen often, the difference is that this one has a music box at his back. I had to replace it since the original one was broken. He's been washed and repainted. I then, added this adorable striped 80s style shirt on him. Now he is ready to be loved and listed in my Etsy shop. The My Toy Co. bunny after, was an ebay find. He needed a good wash, a little touching up of his facepaint and I added more stuffing to his neck so that the head is stable. Replaced wires in his ears and added a blue satin bow. I believe he is another version of "Thumper" from this series of animals. Just the sweetest face too! Both are in my Etsy shop now!! If you don't see them, then, they have sold. Have a great rest of your week friends and collectors!!

Thank you so much for stopping in! ~ ggsdolls

Monday, June 7, 2021

Vtg Finds From The Last Week or So...

 I have seen these lovely children's suitcases from fellow collectors before. Mostly in the backgrounds to their decor of recent finds. I decided to find out what they were...

The one I've seen often was a lamb surrounded by little animals and a small pond in front of her. I believe, this is the most popular one. So, when I searched it up, I found out that these were children's suitcases. I was able to find one in a style I liked, and it arrived from the States fast!

This vtg child's suitcase, designed by Margaret Holbrook has animals, a bear, lamb, pig, bunny, and rooster on a train headed away from, "Toyville" as the sign says. This Midcentury, Dolly Suitcase, is from the 1950s. Features a sweet lithograph, and the wood case itself,  is Made by LUCE Manufacturing in the US. Made of paper covered over wood, it has a plastic handle in white, and metal lock clasp. The entire case is covered by this lithograph. Inside, the suitcase is also covered in a lithograph with white and either gold or silver stars. Well, at least mine does. The backside of the case comes in either blue or pink pattern design. Which I believe to be "Blue" for boys, and "Pink" for girls.

The styles I've seen so far, are "Train", "Lamb", "Two Bears", "Carriage", and a "Sailboat". Now, I can see why these suitcases are popular and sought after by some collectors. The art is reminiscent of nursery rhymes and books of that time, and that time frame has many of the kitsch artistry we know and love with anthropomorphic animals! Next, I received this lovely vintage Mattel Barbie & Midge button and zipper accents. I figured with a few of the dolls I do have one might need some buttons! The packaging is just so cute too! I also got a few more decals, these are copies to the Meyercord decals. By the company Decorator in Canada. They might be a later release of the vintage Meyercord decals. Which makes sense as to their brighter colors, etc.

I was surprised, I found this lovely set of vtg ceramic red dotted fawn couple figurines. This is my 3rd or 4th set, to have found too. In lovely condition too, just missing their heart card that hangs off the chain. I also found this lovely vtg Japan furry Poodle Plush basket purse. In great condition, I've already added it to my Etsy shop! Then, this lovely white jointed plush rabbit ornament. It reminds me of the Easter bunnies in baskets we all enjoy getting, well at least the face does. But this version is made in China, and has markings for a company in the States. So definitely not made in Japan, like most are. Still he is cute and I will keep him for now...

Last, this lovely vtg Bantam plush musical action toy Mommy bun and Baby bun. She plays "Rockabye Baby" as the baby is fussing in her mother's arms. It still works too! I will be adding it to my Etsy shop soon! It is quite unique and lovely to see its movements. She still has her tag and card noting that it is an, "Action Toy!" How cool is that!

Lovely toy finds for the week. Have a great day!

and Thank you for looking! ~ ggsdolls

Wednesday, June 2, 2021

More About Meyercord Co. The Decal Makers...

      There has been a discussion with fellow collectors about these decals. So, I decided to find out a little more about The Meyercord Company. The makers of the cute and adorable animal decals we often see on wood decor, cabinet, stools, etc.  My research via google, came up with a few sites that have some information on the company. According to Antique Advertising Expert, The Meyercord Company was established in 1896 by George Meyercord in Chicago, IL. Meyercord Co. started out as a decal manufacturer and eventually made a name for themselves as an advertising sign maker as well. The first decals to be manufactured in the USA were by George Rudolph Meyercord in Chicago Illinois in 1894.  By 1899 had branches in New York and St Louis. The signs Meyercord produced were wood veneer signs and “Vitrolite” glass signs with a decal advertising graphic adhered to the front. Vitrolite signs were made of curved and sometimes flat pieces of milk glass with a metal tubular frame; these signs were also the most popular. 

    Leaving this world site stated, Meyercord produced wooden and glass signs for various companies and industries across the country. Meyercord continued to manufacture decals through to the 1960s.  Its success was based on its head start over competitors. Sadly, other techniques began to overtake decals as a preferred use in advertising, and eventually Meyercord found a niche in making decals that appealed to the domestic market. Many a home in the 1940’s – 1960’s decorated nurseries, furniture and toys with their decals. (Designs featuring fruits and flowers can still be found at antique stores and eBay, some are very valuable and collectable). The Meyercord Company name still exists but it is a company that has nothing to do manufacturing decals.

    Sadly, there is no other information that deals with the designs of the nursery decals in particular. Hopefully one day someone, who has historical information and facts about their design, etc. will come forward and share with us what they know. I've had discussions with a few collectors and we believe there quite possibly were prototype plush toys made to help create the decal. These plushies were then posed and photographed to create the adorable anthropomorphic features we see them in. Hmmm, one can wonder right? Hopefully we will find out. Either way, they are oh so cute and we love em' no matter how they were created!


Thank you for reading! ~ ggsdolls

Updated, I found another site with some insight to one of the men involved in Meyercord Decal's


Time's Article 1952