My Dollhouses

My Collection of Dollhouses, Room Boxes, and more...

Bungalow, Moritz Gottschalk Germany 1970

(SOLD, in 2019.)

DDR Vero Bungalow 1970s
(Tabytha Inherited, then SOLD, in 2018.)

Bungalow, Hafner and Krullman early 1960s
(SOLD in 2016.)

Yonezawa Bedroom Japan early 1960s
(SOLD in 2015.)

My Little Tomy Rooms Japan 1960s

 Miner's Room by Room 1960s
(SOLD in 2016.)

Irwin Interior Decorator Sets 1960s
(SOLD in 2016.)

 Ben Holiday House CB2 2012

 Vintage Kaken Shoji ADD Plastic Japan Two Story Model House late 1960s
(SOLD in 2015.)

Second Kaken Shoji ADD Plastic Japan One Story Model House with Carport 
(SOLD in 2016.)

Ho Scale Faller German Mid Century Modern Houses 1960s
(Sold in 2015.)

Takara Miniature Retro Japanese Style House 2004
(Sold in 2016.)

 Takara Retro Shopping District Buildings 2003
(SOLD in 2015.)

Paper printed Miniature Barbie Dream House in HO scale

Nendoroid Japanese Living Room Set A

 Nendoroid Japanese Living Room Set B

HO scale Faller "A" Frame House Part I

Part II

Fisher Price "A" Frame Play House Part I
Part II 
(Inherited by Sara.)

Galoob Lil' House Wonderfull
(SOLD, in 2017.)

HO scale Mid Century Modern House

Kato Mercury Drive House
(SOLD in 2016.)

Nanoblocks Studio Apartment

Vintage Marx Mountain House Chalet

Retro Our Generation Lori Doll Camper

OG Loft to Love Dollhouse

Bandai Everyone's House

Part II


  1. Hello I'm Cathy and gg found me a Takara miniature Retro dollhouse that is on her finders blog. How wonderful of her. She communicates her progress in finding what you need. I'm so thankful to her.I've looked forever for one of those and thanks to her I know own one. Would not hesitate to ask her to find me more houses.

    1. Hi Cathy,

      Thank you dear for your kind words! It was a pleasure finding your dream miniature dollhouse! Just email, and I'd help you anytime! much love, gg

  2. Replies
    1. Hi dear Nadai, thank you so much dear. Many hugs, gg

  3. Theyre all pretty cool, but a dollhouse with WINDOWS!!!! Thats the best!