Wednesday, February 29, 2012

New Items from Yahoo Japan Arrive...

Lately, I've been finding many lovely vintage items thru Yahoo Japan, and this latest shipment has many items that have been added to the shop already!

From top Left to right: Flat pot, I found and wanted at first because it would be a nice addition to my container collection, but it was too large, so it will be added to the shop! Vintage Sony Television set, that doubles as a coin bank. Lovely vintage retro feel to it. Added to the shop as well. Some coloring books. I won this Lot of 3 bunnies, one I will keep and the other two to be added to the shop. Then, a precious set of retro anime girlie address books. One with Macoto style artwork and the other similar to the charm or colleen style art!

Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls

Friday, February 24, 2012

More Squeakies Arrive...

Yup, I just got bitten by the squeaky toy bug! LOL, I found these two cuties via etsy shop. I've always admired the yellow kitty for some time, but when I saw this amazingly cute chubby dear, I just couldn't pass up the chance to own both of em'! So, i ordered them in early February and they arrived 2 weeks later to me, today!

Oh joy, rapture, piccie time!

The sweet squeaky kitty on the left. Love that he is yellow and those eyes and mouth are just too adorable! Then, my sweet chubby dear on the right! At first, I thought maybe he looked weird and more like a giraffe then a deer, but I like the explanation of the seller..."Isn't that a pretty bambi-like deer I got right here? Well drawn eyes and with the dots on its forehead and the peaceful smile gives me a quite monk-like impression." Monk-like...hmmm, well... okay. I love her eyelashes and the way her eyes are painted on. Both squeak nicely and were a bit dirty when they arrived, but still in lovely bright condition.

I was inspired by this kitty to do a shot like this! It's like he's saying, "Oh oh, I didn't do it!" LOL. Just love these cuties.

Thanks for reading. - ggsdolls

PS I had to take some outdoor shots as well. Just so you can see the actual colors of these squeakies...

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Edward Mobley Co. Pony...

For some time I've been admiring from afar these lovely 1960's Edward Mobley Co. squeak toys by The Arrow Toy Co.. I've mostly seen cats, sheep, bears. But recently I found a pony! They have those cute lovely sleep eyes in brown and they are quite interesting to look at. So, since finding the pony, and it arriving today, I just had to take some photos!

He's somewhat faded, but still nice to look at. I love the vintage look of him and will add him to my baby dolls and toys section in my cabinet. I know I will have more photo shoots with him. Smiley like's him very much!

Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls

Friday, February 17, 2012

New Collection?! Postcards too!

In the mail today, I received a vintage trinket box I found thru etsy. I actually looks a lot like the containers on Yahoo Japan under Ayumi Uyama. I love the floral decor and look of the containers, but always get outbidded thru YJA. But this time I found this one here in the good ole' USA and at a nice price too!

The pink one, I got some time last year in a Lot of vintage items thru Yahoo Japan. The green one is the new one I received in the mail. Cute and I love the cover with it's geometric styling and shininess! What to use it for now...LOL!

Another look at them. They were probably used for powder? on a dresser?

I also received from my latest set of postcards. They have been added to the shop in sets for purchase! Check em' out!

I decided to have the set above for any occasion. Depending on what you want to use it for! It's blank on the backside so you can send it to a loved one, for just about any reason!

This set of course for birthdays! For a child, elderly loved one, just about anyone! On the back is says, "Wishing you a Happy Birthday!" All the cards are available in my etsy shop!! - ggsdolls

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Another Wig and Outdoor Shoot Today...

I had an idea for a shoot today with my mini DD. So, I changed her wig out with one that I had traded for with someone via DOA for the one I had bought Ariana. It actually looked good on the MDD. I also found I had kept these lovely grey slippers/flipflops that I got for my Unoa way back when, and they fit the Mini DD nicely. So, here are the end results of the afternoon picnic shoot...

She isn't able to lay down easily and be on her elbows for the shot. Also the shorts she is wearing doesn't allow her to sit without her butt hanging out. Still I was able to capture this...

Then, posing by a rock. She looks so cute here. The slippers I like too. I ordered another wig by dollheart and can't wait for that one to come in. I think that will be the look I will keep her in when it does? I still have to try out the other wigs she inherited, but so far, this one makes her look more anime. The others I will have to try out! - ggsdolls

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

My Super Cute Mini Dollfie Dream Arrived!!

What an amazing Valentine's Gift to myself! Today, I received my much anticipated Mini DD. I've been searching and drooling over other owners gals, that mine arrived from LA, and so quickly too!

Here is the box opening...

Oh reading material and a membership card too!

I got the HDD-04 head with anime eyes. I figure it was much cheaper to buy the kit and try my hand at painting her and sealing her. It took me about 3 tries for the eyelashes, 2 unsuccessful tries at eyebrows, 1 try at blushing and lip color...But, I am satisfied with what I was able to do. She has that cute childish head with big anime eyes, but I might want to get a more mature head later on...

I still have some wigs from my Dollmore model dolls past-downs, and this lovely mohair wig from dollmore fits her nicely. Fashions by the lovely Wimukt on etsy! Made for Unoa's, these outfits fit her nicely as well. Poor baby needs shoes though!!

She's just so sweet and her eyes are huge!! Just the way I like em'...LOL! I was able to sell off my Leeke Ariana and got this MDD, and fashions!

I must say, I love the body and knowing that she is a softer vinyl makes me not worry so much about dropping her...oh boy! I may be hooked on Dollfie Dream. I'm already thinking of possibly getting at least one larger gal, maybe or just another head...oh goodness!

Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls

Monday, February 13, 2012

My Latest Shojo Manga Reads, etc...

Since the mid 90's I found this amazing story thru the Margaret manga comics. I told myself when they finally have the novels printed in english I'd try to get them...Sadly, I could only find a website that has them scanned for my reading pleasure in English!

I started reading "Ao No Fuuin" or "The Blue Seal" by Chie Shinohara also the same author of "Red River" or "Anatolia's Story". The whole story line is wild, but since I have the books for "Red River" and love her works with that one, I figured "The Blue Seal" is just as good!

Boy, it's been 3 days of reading the books online and I must say it did not disappoint, in the lovey dovey section, but kinda gross and a bit long-winded, it's still a good read if you are all about love! LOL! I am almost done reading the 11 novels, but I would prefer to have the actual books in my hands I must say...someday!?

In other news, I received this lovely 50's style wrap dress made for Ideal Liz or Carol Brent. I want to get more fashions from this particular doll, only because, they can fit my Lina dolls or the mannequins! We'll see...

Not much else happening these days...Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Some Items Arrive to me today!

Today's mail day was a good one. For I have been awaiting some items since late December.

My latest Lot of Migliorati boy and girl dolls. They looked nice in the sellers photo, but when they arrived their eyes are far beyond repair for me and I don't want to even try to attempt a fix. So, I cleaned them up instead and will decide later on if I will keep them or add them to the shop? Both I have already, but was hoping they'd be a nicer version...

This lovely plastic dollhouse family came in as well. The Mom needed to have her leg reglued, but sadly, Dad is missing a part of his smoke pipe. Still I love the little girl and her dolls!

I was also able to sell off the head and body of Leeke Ariana. Then, I placed an order with Volks for a Mini Dollfie Dream...I can't wait to get her and get her all done! I think I may be hooked on DD's!! I haven't been playing with my Dollhouses for some time now, I don't want to sell them, but I hate knowing that I need to try to either decide to store them or break them out and fill them with furniture again...ugh! Maybe with the doll house family above...I will be inspired to play with the houses again?!

Anyways...Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Today's Events...

I decided to try to use something I could find around the house to fix Pinocchio's leg. My youngest had a toy plastic bike that she broke the handle bars off of. So I used what was left of the bike to make Pinocchio's leg.

At least he has something to help him stand up now!

Then I also decided to add the little scrap book felt duck applique to my new baby's bib! Just too cute for words!

I also worked on some cute birthday style shots for cards or prints...more later on. Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls

Friday, February 3, 2012

Having fun with Pinocchio!

I decided to do a few others...LOL! - ggsdolls

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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Takara Magnemo Pinocchio!

I am just in love with this little guy!

Here he is above with his nose extended. His eyes look crossed when you extend his nose...too funny!

Sadly, he is missing one limb. I will have to find him a replacement or something...

Him with his big bro. They are my faves these days...

Below I found a site to help me create a gif of him playing peekaboo!! LOL!

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- ggsdolls