Friday, March 30, 2012

Lovely Rare Himeko Anime Girl Pin!!

In the mail today, I received this amazing rare pin/brooch of an anime character! I found it at a dear friend's store, and link to the item!

Description says:
This is a very rare metal glico badge / pin of "Himeko" the central character in the shoujo comic "Rumour /Talk about Himeko".
Illustrated by Eiko Fujiwara.
Made in Japan and may date from 1974 to 1976.

It's truly unique and I am very pleased to have it be a part of my ever growing vintage jewelry collection!

I love the shape of the rose and how detailed Himeko is on the brooch along with the roses surrounding her. A lovely vintage piece for sure!

I also forgot to show this interesting Rune Naito pin/brooch. I received it along with the YJA items I got recently, and almost forgot about this pin. Luckily, I looked carefully inside the Lunlun bag and it was there! LOL! Face seems a bit odd or off, but I like the color of the design. Very interesting indeed. I must admit I am just "in love" with the Himeko pin and I hope I can find more?!!

Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Amazing Finds via Yahoo Japan!!

My latest box from Japan arrived today. Many items I am just shocked I won and excited to see come in for myself and the shop!!

Truly awesome I must admit! I got the Lunlun bag for a friend, but found out later she didn't want it, so it will be added to the shop. I just went crazy finding and winning these two lovely vintage retro anime girl colored pencil tins! Both at a really amazing price too. Usually, I lose out on them cause they go for really high prices, but this time, I was lucky. I was also very fortunate to find and win a Lot of 5 pencil cases and a memo book! Above, in that lot was the beautiful Pose doll pencil case, the silly cat one, Colleen, Mylene, and the Aim for the Ace one. The memo or schedule book is just below the pose doll case. It's a cute boy memo book with Ryu, The Cave Boy characters on it. Then I also found two cute coin purse wallets with lovely anime girls on it too!

Two amazing starry-eyed anime girls! Both tins have a lot of rust, but still the artwork is amazing!

The backside of the Mylene pencil case left, and the Pose doll pencil on the right. Too cute and I love the plush doggy too!

Some items will be added to the shop, and some are already spoken for. Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A Little Visitor Arrived from Germany!

A dear friend of mine sent me his little friend as a trade for another toy. I was so excited when he arrived that I took some pics of his box opening! Pinocchio #2 came all the way from Germany! Poor sweetie is missing his arm, but at least he has his hat!!

I made this quick little cartoon about it for my friend Gregg! His little boy arrived to me nice and safely. Now, I have two little boys, and both of them have something missing, mine - his leg, and the other is - his arm. Now, they can both share parts for me to take pics of them!! My daughter loves one so much, he may end up being hers soon, cause she can't put him down!! LOL!

- ggsdolls

Sunday, March 18, 2012

A Closer Look at the Janica Television Jewelry Box!

I changed out the floral scene and used this lovely art card of "Mo Hitori No Marionette" or "One More Marionette" a manga from the 90's! It needs some slight cleaning, and the label where the knobs are is coming off, but otherwise it is a lovely retro style TV. I love the jewel decor at the bottom half. Very much like the style of retro jewelry boxes of this time frame. My wooden modern jewelry box also has the same decor on the top lid. The area that holds jewelry is quite small and you can probably place small brooches, and such. Rings may be to bulky and large pendants can not fit.

Here I've added some retro toy jewelry to show. Inside the diamond shape mirror is in good condition. You can also see the area where you are able to remove the tube picture to change to a family photo, or other pics. I love the cream color of the set.

A lovely Shoua era find! I wonder what other styles might have been created by Janica. Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls

Saturday, March 17, 2012

My Latest Shipment from Japan...

Lately, I've been on a search for more vintage anime items then usual at the best place to find them Yahoo Japan!! Doing some searching for a dear friend, I found some of the usual stuff and other stuff that are just too cool and awesome! So, without dragging on here they are...

Mostly anime bags, and purses. I also found this way cool mid century modern faux radio, another baby Machy, and this way cool Janica TV jewelry box!!

Machy above with closed eyes version. She is missing her box, but still a great addition to my collection of soft babies! I love this anime shoe bag, but still deciding if I want it or not??

This amazing Janica TV jewelry box is awesome! So keeping this baby. I love that it is retro and you can change the picture on the tube. I am so putting some anime pic! When you lift the top it is a jewelry box, and a music box as well. The channel knob turns left or right to turn on or off the music box cool is that!! It plays a song called, "Romance De L'Amour". So, it says at the bottom of the TV. I knew Janica made radio version jewelry boxes, but this is the ultimate!!

The rest will be put up in the shop! Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls

Sunday, March 11, 2012

More Wonderful Goodies from Yahoo Japan Auctions...

The past week or so, I've been just searching and searching Yahoo Japan for cute vintage anime goodies for a dear sweet friend! I've found a few items, but the box that arrived today, had some items I won back in early February. So, I will add most to the shop later in the coming days!

Today's loot above. I found some really cute anime girl slippers for children. The floral toy shop nrfp and the Margaret nrfb fashion will be added to my collection. Then, I also found some more anime girl coloring books with paper dolls. mini coloring sheets and a cute retro girlie compact!

This lovely Junior Margaret fashion, I am hoping will fit my Migliorati dolls?! It's by Nakajima S. The doll is a talking doll. It comes with curlers, mirror, comb, dress, hanger, and booklet!

This lovely toy shop carded set. I got for the flowers, but my daughters want the rest to play with...and finally, for my collection this lovely Masako W. card. Lovely lady in pink with artwork!

The rest of the items will be available in the shop soon! Thanks for reading... - ggsdolls

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Having more fun with Pinocchio...

Today, I was inspired by my daughter's little train to make this! Thanks for looking! - ggsdolls

MmJXQ1 on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs
make animated gifs like this at MakeAGif

and this one below of my daughter's train...
bQz4mT on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs
make animated gifs like this at MakeAGif

Sunday, March 4, 2012

More things to share from Yesterday...

I had so much going on Yesterday that I didn't get a chance to post these pics too! In the mail, I received a lovely new wig for Yuri from dollheart, and I also got two cute soft baby dolls via ebay to add to my baby doll collection! Then, I also wanted to share in detail one of the lovely memo books I got from the recent YJA items I got earlier this week! On to the piccies...

Yuri received the new wig, and new outfits by Wimukt on etsy! I think this wig suits her better!

My soft baby doll collection is growing, I may need to downsize soon!!LOL!

These two cutie pies were on ebay and I tried to offer them to a good friend, but I guess s/h to his country was too much. So, instead I decided if no one else wanted them, I'd go ahead and try. With no other bidders they came to me! Lovely Sekiguchi style eyes rosy cheeks and sucking thumbs. They were made by Russ USA and called, "Baby Joy". They have loops at the top to hang them from a mobile in a crib or a pram.

I wanted to talk more about this lovely Naisho Memo book I got. I honestly, was shocked to win this. As I mentioned in an earlier post I won this book and a Macoto address book. I guess no one else from the usual bidders I have to wrestle with to get this saw them...good for me, I must admit! This one is very special to me because it yields some childhood memories.

This memo book is practically new, it still had its front flap. Inside it has a tiny memo notebook, planner or calendar card, rose decor card, and an extra card. It has a lovely pink vinyl floral shaped mirror attached by a chain. All the artwork on it reminds me of Venice, Charm, or Macoto style art.

The front and back sides of the memo book.

The notebook above front flap, and back flap. More lovely charm girl artwork! This one is special to me because when I was in 3rd grade there was a girl that had just moved to our island, I am guessing military dependent, and her and I became good friends. One day she brought to school a vinyl anime pencil case and in it was a similar book above. I asked her if I could trade something I had at home for the memo book and that day, she said "Yes". I brought a doll, some comics books, and another cute anime pencil case for her to choose from. She took 2 items home and promised to bring the memo to me the next day. The next day turned into a week, then a month. She was constantly absent, and when she did come back to class. She ignored me. I was devastated. I never got the memo book and my treasured items were never returned. Our parents even met about the whole ordeal, but it was too late-_-; Well, I will end with a happier note...being able to find these lovely treasures again, hold them in my hands and keep some for a time, makes up for that moment. I may not keep all my treasures for long, but I also hope that they make someone else just as happy as they do me!

Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls

Saturday, March 3, 2012

OMG, Some Items from my Past!

I was searching for some things to get rid of Today, and came across a slew of items I collected back from the early to late 90s! I couldn't believe all the lovely manga treats that came with the manga's I was buying from back then, and other things I saved!!

This set of Sandybell stationary. I forgot where I found these but I know it was at a Korean store. Unused and has cute artwork of the Anime!

Cassette labels that came free from one of my Margaret mangas. I also found some playing cards, lots and lots of postcards too!

Sailormoon paper dolls in sets and a large paperdoll book too! I remember when the show was running on cable I started recording it on VHS to watch for later on. I loved that anime series!

I am trying to remember this manga anime?! I loved the girls big eyes!!

a bunch of postcards with all the lovely manga story characters from the early 90's! I was able to find some Ao No Fuuin, and Anatolia's Story too!

Ahhh, the memories. I also found part of my old clothing tag collection too. I've put most of the items up in the shop for now, and the rest will be added later on...Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls