Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Obsession with Mid Century Modern Living Rm Sets!!

Since finding my plaid sofa, I've been on the hunt for the matching chairs, but instead, I've mostly come across the same style sofas, with either one or both chairs! Still, it is amazing to see all of those that do show up!. Excitedly, I have received my second set just today! It's lovely to see that this living room set is almost complete, and even more so that it looks so good in the Vero!

The sofa set above was a buy it now on ebay. I just couldn't resist getting it. It definitely shows age, but I love the fact that I have one of the side chairs. It would be even better if I could find a complete set...Even those go for a lot of moolah...oh well. I am still happy that I've snatch this one up. The material is more like a dark tweed, than plaid like my other sofa. It's amazing the styles I've seen on ebay so far! Makes me want to get them all! Well, one can wish right? LOL! - ggsdolls

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Gashapon Vintage Sekiguchi Doll Collection, etc....

I recently came across via YJA a lovely gashapon by Yujin collaboration with Sekiguchi to remake 5 of their vintage antique celluloid dolls and toys. These lovely miniatures are just small remakes of the large versions and much more afforable if you can find them. Each are place in plastic bags with tag, "Celluloid Doll" on it and a booklet showcasing the other dolls/toys you can collect. There is the famous kewpie doll, girl kewpie, flying kewpie style doll, and two bears. I've always wanted to own the girl kewpie or a bear, but seeing the actual vintage versions, the prices in yen is way too expensive for me-_-; But I am happy that I was able to find one and get her!

Such a cutie in person too. I couldn't help but open the packaging to display her. She's a bit too large for decoration in the dollhouse, but she's a welcome addition to my doll cabinet!

Then, I also decided to make some Keane picture frames in my Vero and other things...

Lovely Keane Go-Go Children!

In the bedroom, Sandy's coat in the closet...just having fun with this shot! - ggsdolls

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Some Lovely Items Arrive from YJA!

I was hoping to receive in the mail today my haul from Yahoo Japan, and I did! I haven't really been buying via Japan for many reasons. One being that the dollar is very low as compared to early 2000-_-; So, we end up spending even more not just for the items we want, but because the value of the dollar is doing so poorly right now...Ugh, terrible for us, but wonderful for those in other countries where they can spend less and have more...oh well! On to the goodies!

Retro Cute Dog sew Kit. I was surprise this one ended so cheap and with no other bidders. There was even a retro cat kit, but I chose to be safe and only got the one kit. Still I love the example on the packaging, you can see the lovely Choco candies like umbrellas. I remember always buying those at the store to munch on, and I used to try to keep the handles... Now, all I need to do is be brave and put the kit together!

At the back you can see the pre-cut felt, etc. to make the cute retro doggie!

I also found this lovely Oike Co. Sunchan original doll loose and missing her shoes. She needs some cleaning and maybe I can find replacement shoes. She will be added to my shop eventually...

This lovely retro girl anime pencil case, cheap and no bidders either...I thought maybe something was wrong with the case, but in person there is nothing wrong with it and the case is truly lovely. The style of the anime is a bit more from the early 70's rather than the late 60's. Not sure of the maker, might be sun star?

Lastly, this truly beautiful Masako Watanabe Angel Case. This case is actually a number two for me. The first one I found had just a princess on the front, this one has two lovely beauties in it along with a castle! I was truly delighted to win this one, and for a lot less too. Usually I am outbidded by other collectors for this case-_-; Maybe it was the "Bon Holiday" recently? Still a lovely addition to my collection for now!

I miss being able to buy beautiful items like these via YJA, but it's okay, my pocket book doesn't! LOL!! - ggsdolls

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A Lovely Mid Century Modern Plaid Sofa!

I recently won via ebay this lovely plaid sofa with a sleek look to it, and it reminds me of mid century modern style. I know it's from Germany, but I do not know the maker or year. I'm guessing it might be 1950's or so...

Then, I also, received a wood floor sheet to change out the lovely Vero floor, when I get tired of just the grey spots!!LOL! Unfortunately, the online shop only had this mixed color dark and light wood sheet. So, I figured it doesn't hurt to try it out. I think I need to stain it though?

Lovely Plaid sofa above. All I need to do is find a matching chair, in solid green or red!

I also changed out the curtains, and you can see the mixed color wood floor in the larger room of the Vero. Sandy has also has moved in. Did you notice she a lot taller than usual? Yup, I changed out her body out and into a Tomy Saila Mom's body. She is able to bend at the knees too! She is still a bit short for this scale, but she likes being in the Vero!

One more... - ggsdolls

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Lovely 1966 Eldon Toy's "Sandy's Tiny Room"!

I found this amazing ad, trying to piece together a recent ebay win I was not expecting to actually win?!! LOL! But still I am pretty glad I did get it. This amazing tiny doll room, made by Eldon Toys back in 1966. Has lovely Mid-Century Modern style furniture pieces!

The actual tiny room above, that I won. Has several pieces missing, not sure just what they are? But when I found the ad, I could see a lovely tulip style chair is missing from the spot with a hole at the front left side of the case. Sadly, that is one of the best pieces in the room-_-; What the tiny room did come with was, a brush, tiny record sleeves, hangers, with one coat, Sandy doll, a matching purse, and the rest you see in the photo is the furniture that is basically bolted to the room, so you won't lose them...

When I first opened the case, there were two blue Marx style lamps, not original to the set. A swing out lamp from the bed shelf. The closet door loose and off track, a hair brush, rattling around, and some small punched out record sleeves scattered. The Sandy doll was in excellent shape. I fell in love with her face first! Probably why I decided to bid on the set in the first place!

I love the little stool in front of the mirror. The credenza, with a TV, and record player. I placed the record sleeves in between what looked like the area for them, a shelf, maybe? that too looked like something may be missing there, not sure?

Back to Sandy, a part bendy style doll, only at her legs. She came wearing her original dress and white slip on flats. Her face is so true to the times of the 60's. I love her hairstyle, and wish her legs were a bit longer, as she kind of looked dwarfed with long arms and short legs. Still at the 1:18 scale she is a cutie. I would love to find out more about this set...researching is a great way to kill time...LOL! - ggsdolls

Friday, August 12, 2011

Making a 3-Tiered Lamp from the 50's/60's...

Back in June, I came across this lovely photo via ebay from a mid-century modern magazine. Kept the auction photo of course for reference, and decided to see if I could create the lovely hanging lamp you see in it, on the right!?

auction photo not mine.

So, I decided to try to see if I could recreate such a lamp? I found via etsy the fluted colored beads, and then they arrived so quickly. I took a first attempt to create it, using teriyaki sticks, and foam. I painted the sticks after I cut them down to size, then used a bit of mounting putty to keep the beads in place. The sticks were too thick, and it did not look right.

In my second attempt, I tried some wire I had from a previously own abjd, but the wires looked too thin and kept bending or were just not beautiful to look at all bent outta shape and not straight. So, I gave up at that point, and told myself, I will just have to figure it out another time, and set the project aside...

Just before falling asleep that night, my mind, just shouted, try using Q-tips, and a large button!! I guess it was an epiphany, cause, when I started to work on it again the next morning, using the Q-tips instead...it worked! The Q-tips were also able to fit nicely into an extra wall plug for dollhouses as a base! The large button holes were not large enough for the stick part-_-; but the plug base worked better! So, here are the end results below...

The Q-tips are still a bit thick, but not as thick as the teriyaki sticks. Still it worked out nicely, and now the Bar area has some nice lighting!

Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Bodo Hennig Living Room Set from Germany, Etc.!!

My daughters and I checked the mail Yesterday, and nothing was there for us to pick up, but when we checked the PO today, there were so many little boxes, it was like Christmas in August!! First, my much anticipated Bodo Hennig Living room set arrived all the way from Germany. I won this lovely set thru ebay and the seller was so kind and patient. The set came with soo many extras, not all shown. I also received some tiny items from ebay to add to my dollhouse! My one daughter who owns the Moritz 2-story house, is simply having a blast finding things to add to her dollhouse too! She received a small pond for her yard, and a plate of hotdogs with chips for her dolly. It's fun to see her get the items she paid for with her birthday money and put them to good use!

Anyhow, on to the items for today!

This amazing Bodo Hennig Living room set is from the 1970s? I think, and comes with an orange/wood sofa with matching chair, lovely wood coffee table, and large orange/wood shelf system. It's actually quite large, but fits just right into the Vero bungalow. The set also came with a floor lamp, TV, many books, newspaper, ceramic flower decor, dog, girl dolly, doily, wooden radio, and a small lamp seen above glued down onto the shelf. Most of the extras I gave to my daughter for her house. I mostly wanted the furniture. I love orange color and works really well with the dark wood too!

I received this lovely set of miniature books with the "Cat in the Hat" theme, and 2 gifts from the seller as well, since the items were shipped out late. Still the miniature are so detailed and well-made. A lovely set of books for my shelves! The shop can be found here via etsy!

Tiny US coins to add to my rement piggy bank. these are actually tiny made coins given as I guess gifts to people after taxes? Found them thru ebay. I remember seeing these tiny coins from a former student of mine who was parading them around the classroom during break and trying to get other kids to buy em'! LOL. I looked at them and didn't realize they made these. But I must say I remembered it and tried to find them to fit into my rement piggy bank!

I also received a cute lovely wooden clock for my kitchen, not shown here, but maybe later! Now, I just have to rearrange my Vero house and decide what look to have it in, these days...LOL!

Finally, I also received in the mail this amazing piece of furniture a G-Plan Librenza! First of all, thanks to the lovely, HBean for her beautiful dream of having one made in miniature, most especially to the Lovely Pepper for giving us the dimensions, etc. to help me have one made. Finally, to the truly super amazing wood works of Minisx2 on etsy! If you recall I bought a lovely set of boomerang tables from this same shop. I asked Patie if should could make this lovely Librenza in 1:12 scale, and sure enough. She did! I commissioned her of course and Wow! The end result was similar, but it has a different air of Minix2 style to it. This Librenza has two sides, one side with the same shelving as the one Pepper made, but the other side has sliding doors as seen in the photo below! I love this piece so much! It will be used as a divider in the living rm/ dining area! So, 1950's loveliness for sure! Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Lovely 1970s Modella Shelves Arrive...

I won these shelves not to long ago. I knew they needed some cleaning and replacing certain parts. But I didn't realize how lovely they'd look in my Vero living room! There are 3 shelves as shown in the auction seller's pic, but sadly, only two of the shelves can fit inside the vero lengthwise.

Seller's photo below. Not mine.

I tried to find the same set in the Museum website, but only found a similar one here in green. Still it's nice to know the possible year, maker, etc.

I love the wood look with the plastic. The cabinets open and they all came with these cardboard boxes with printed on books, plates, etc. Talk about instant shelf fillings! LOL... - ggsdolls

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

More Rement in the Kitchen, New Doll Book, and More...

The past few days have been relaxing and busy all at once. Especially since my family's been home. So, I was finally able to take some updated pics of the Vero kitchen with more rement items I've added to it! I also, found this amazing doll/toy book that used to be owned by the lovely Gretchen Moss of Shop66, and was purchased at the lovely store of "IttyBittyPrettyDolls" on etsy! A lovely addition to my growing doll/toy book collection!

My vintage Germany cabinet is now filled with many rement items above, and then I also found this lovely little coin purse from a rement set and the coins from another. Someone is going to do laundry!

I couldn't help it, but I had to get more lovely tiny mags from DLaney's store! These are a few of the one's I bought above, Time, Life magazines, and...
Better Homes and Garden mags, along with another set of Archie, and Betty & Veronica digest comics. Some for me and some for my daughter to add to her dollhouse!

A lovely book called, "Your friends" how appropriate is that. I must say, I think even nowadays, our collections and treasures have become our friends to take us away from the, at times, troubling world we live in... The book has many vintage dolls and toys from Japan in the 60's. Above cover showcases the Margaret doll and popular plush dog similar to Ayumi Uyama treasures in her book!

In one of the pages above, showcasing a lovely AA version of Sunchan doll by Oike Co. Too cute indeed! Thanks for reading... - ggsdolls