Thursday, April 30, 2015

Kitan Club Futons!

Two posts in one day!! LOL I just had to take photos of the latest Futons I got here! Different from my first set I got in Japan here!

So, I decided to put together the Nendoroid Set A, in order to take photos of Arnval in the futon. I love the 'floral' style futon from the Kitan Club Futon gashapon set the most. I believe these are the 2nd release? Not sure... They're actually made as cell phone purses, but they can be used in 1/12 scale dollhouses and play sets too! Most especially in the Nendoroid Japanese Life Playset A & B!

 So cute and realistic too! I did notice that there are more of these style futons being released thru Azone International for Pure Neemo and Pico Neemo dolls. Some Japan sellers are making hand-made one's too!

 "Shh, she looks so peaceful here."
Panda futon below... I did a quick shot of this one!
 Perfect for the MMS small figure size too...

I forgot to show this from the other day! I went to our local 100yen store and got a few goodies below!
Thanks for reading! ~ ggsdolls

Yahoo Japan Mail!

Whew, I was lucky to get some items sent to me before "Golden Week"!! A Holiday in Japan during the last week of April or early week of May... Of course I had to ask about my box, and it finally got sent out faster than usual!!
 Some goodies above from Yahoo Japan! A cute vintage rubber girl doll with flowers, a commission item: Showa Takara House set, two Gatcha Gatcha futons, and a vintage Lotte Licca Gum and toy unopened!!
 The cute 70s style 'Holly Hobby' type girl with flowers above, uncleaned above! Below, after her shower!

 Her flowers are a bit faded, but she is still lovely, and probably sat in a girls bedroom on a dresser... Below, a miniature example of the same girl, but with a Jar!

In this angle below, she looks so much like the 70's "Holly Hobby" art of the time!! Still deciding if she will be added to the shop or not?!

I found this Lotte Licca gum/toy unopened! Cheap too! Of course, when it arrived, I immediately, threw away the gum, and took out the toy!
 But, just before opening the package I took pics! Above and below for reference!
 Inside, was a pitcher and glasses, along with Licca sticker!

 You can see the pitcher on the far right with the glasses. Very cute and 1/6 in scale for Licca too!

I also Binned these two futons, that I wanted from the booklet. My favorite is the floral one!! The panda one will be cute to use in a kids bedroom scene!
 and below you can see the collection growing...

I also received from Hobby Search my pre-ordered Pico Neemo dress in plaid... More on this later!

Just one of four Samsonite Yellow Barbie doll suitcases, below. I wanted to see it close up. It is a lot larger than most of my vintage suit cases. But, I do love the look of it and how it reminds me of my sister's red suitcase she had as a teen. I remember wanting to look inside to see what goodies she kept!!
This one opens up and has an organizer inside as shown below... Too cute!

I bought more neon suitcase below! Now, I have pink!
 More on them soon!!
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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Arnval Fun!

I decided to play with Arnval and redress her...
 She is wearing an Azone Pico Neemo top, Lil' Fairy pantaloons, and Pico Neemo stockings, with Obitsu Maryjane shoes.

I love her sweet face! I may change her hair color?
Then... I remembered, I used to dress my Unoa Quluts dolls in a similar way...?
My Unoa Quluts Lusis back in 2006! Ahh, the memories!
Thanks for looking! ~ ggsdolls

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Nano Danboard Fun...

Just playing around with these little buggers!
 The Nano Danboards are stackable and fun to play with! Of course I'm missing strawberry and orange... But even so, the other colors are fun to mess with too!
 My Regular sized figure Danboard is under attack!!

Then of course, Arnval wanted to play with Nano Danboard too!
The neon suitcases fit 1/12 scale better! As you can see Arnval is holding a yellow one...

The Nano Danboards are great for 1/12 scale fun too!
Below, the comparison shot of the neon suitcases I got, and my vintage Hong Kong suitcases. Quite small, but I can't wait to put some stickers to make them more fun! More on them soon!
Thanks for reading! ~ ggsdolls

Friday, April 24, 2015

The Many Flavors of Danboard!!

Oh my goodness, these Yotsuba&! Danboard Nano Flavors are just too cute to pass up!! While doing my usual looking thru Amiami for new anime goodness... I came across these miniature colored Danboard cuties! Released late last year, there were still available for purchase! Yippee!

They arrived to me quickly and I just had to open them up to see what colors I was given!?
 You are given a set of 10 pcs. All the colors shown above, and two extra colors!
 The package was very light and inside, mini packets made to look like flavored candies! But of course not edible!
 When you open them, Danboard is wrapped inside a hollow cardboard and taped.
 After removing the cardboard, there is a wee little Danboard in a cute color, this one is pink or Strawberry! Their heads move, left and right, and their arms, up and down. You can put them on a key chain or as a cell charm. There is a tiny hole at the top, I'm guessing to put the tiny screw to hook them up with. Sadly, they don't come with the tiny screw and lanyards.

In this box, I received, Original, Strawberry, Matcha, Banana, Mint, Chocolate, Vanilla, and Pumpkin, along with an extra Matcha and Chocolate!
 I will be having fun with these little guys! Sara chose a strawberry one, and Tabytha got the pumpkin. If you like Danboard the character from Yotsuba&! you will love these cuties in different colors!

Thanks for reading! ~ ggsdolls

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Blushing, Mail, and Other Stuff!

I decided to put some blush on Arnval's faces! It was quite easy since I've had experience with owning a Ball-jointed Doll and Unoa Lites! Whew! I think I would've been clueless if I hadn't had the previous experience?! Whew!
 The three heads above, after I added blush and painted lips... Sorry no before shots, I forgot to take some!
 MMS heads are tiny, but when you get them as stock heads or from the box, they have no color on them, very plain. So, like most MMS owners we paint their eyes or add blush and lipstick to our gals!! Above, Arnval's regular face needed blush and color on her lips...
 The closed eyes head, needed blush and painted lips also.
 The angry or maybe its yelling face, needed blush only.
 Above, after blushing and painting I decided to put the sleep face on!

 Arnval is so cute and sweet above and below!!

Then, I also received some mail in my PO box. So, no driving uptown, whew!
 I wanted to get a pair of brown Obitsu maryjane shoes, and found this pair thru ebay! A miniature set of domino set, below from etsy!
 Too cute to pass up too! They will be interesting to use in scenes too!

Then, I also found some cute neon colored suitcases via etsy! I have plans for these, that I will show you later...
 They are a lot smaller than I thought, but still, I will see if I can still do what I had originally planned for them...?

Here are the other suitcases I got also thru etsy... I've added some Macoto Takahashi original stickers to them. I love em' both. I don't own a yellow suitcase and the pink one is just too cute and smaller than the usual Barbie sized cases in the same style. I just love em'!
 The backside of the pink suitcase. I added a retro girl rement sticker! I will have to do a suitcase comparison of these and the neon cases soon!
Thanks for looking! ~ ggsdolls