Monday, December 30, 2013

Lovely Paper Doll Makeup Case, as a Doll Carrier!

I found this lovely makeup case via ebay of a cute paper doll art that is quite popular and has been around for some time now. I really wanted the case for my little girl.
 The case arrived to me safely from Korea, and even the box art is so cute! This nice long case is perfect to hold clothing, accessories, and my little doll(1/12 scale size)!! But you might still need to place the doll in a handkerchief or cloth covering, as I've learned later that the black material lining often marks the faces of dolls, etc.-_-;
 Out of the box just like the photo on the box! Inside below, you have a pocket on the left to hold items, and the case has a lot of room for stuff!! With Azusa looking on...
A perfect carry case for your dolly and her accessories! There are 2 other styles to choose from!
Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Takara Miniature Retro Buildings and People!!

Today, I received some tiny dwellers to go with my Takara miniature retro buildings. I actually got the buildings back in December 18th, but now, I finally have the people to do a set up with!! Yay!
 Above, tiny N scale 1960s people and people in kimonos. Since the buidlings were of vintage Japan, I wanted the people to be from that period along with some in their Yukata/Kimonos!
 At first, they seemed too small, but they actually fit really well!!

 Above, an top view of the set up before, taking the photos... They are actually on a clipboard!!

 Below, I was able to replace the batteries in the Chinese restaurant building, and now it lights up fine! Sadly, only one of the buildings light up!

 Azusa is playing with a tiny kimono doll!! Now, I just need to find a place in my cabinet to display them!! LOL!
Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls

Friday, December 27, 2013

Redressing Azusa and Photos...

I wanted to find other fashions that I already owned to dress Azusa in...
 I found another Kenner Glamour Gals top that fits, along with Picco neemo skirt and boots!
 Then, below I found a skirt I had to altar also by Kenner Glamour Gals that could fit and the same top you see above, but I added the belt. Her cute little crown is from a strawberry tiny character(see last pic below)!!

 Then, I forgot to show these cute miniature characters from Supabonbon shop on etsy!!
 I got these set of cuties above and below for myself and my daughters as stocking stuffers! They loved em'!! I used to own a large version of this character from Japan above, but for the life of me I just can't remember her name?!! LOL
and then, these kimono girls and the little strawberry guy!! I really wanted his crown for you can see in the photos above!LOL!
Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Another Bod in 1/12th Scale!!

I received on Christmas Eve a Konami mk2 bathing suit body in 1/12 scale!! Yippee!
 These are not sold separately, but with full body kits for MMS Armed Goddesses. I was able to snag this one up via YJA, sadly, to try to get the naked body versions, in the later issues, its just to expensive to even try-_-; So, this bathing suit bod will do!!
 As shown above is the "not for sale" sheet that comes with the body. These bods do not have a head like the other versions of bathing suits. When I took it out of the packaging I noticed that this bod is a small version.
 Definitely a nice size for Picco Neemo clothes, unlike the tall version I already have. So after placing Azusa's head on, it's a big large, but that was the same thing with the tall body I had. Still, she is cute!
 Below, the tall naked bod version for comparison. Sadly, the bathing suit bod does not come with extra boob sizes like the tall bod, but the body is very nicely done and doesn't have those circle plates that can be removed when not using or adding weapons on her.
 Then, I also received these teeny tiny Preiser cute! I will see what I can do with them??

Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Sewing and Just a short post...

Just before bed time, I had an idea to make a pair of Remco Heidi jeans into shorts for Azusa...hmm. Sure enough at first it didn't quite turn out the way I had originally planned, but in the end, it all worked out! I even took a pair of black stockings from a vintage doll, not in use, and made it into leggings!

So, here's 1/12 scale Azusa below:
 Her top and belt were from Kenner's Glamour Gals, shorts from Remco's Heidi, leggings, I think were from a Herman pecker doll? Shoes are Picco Neemo.

She has such a sweet face! I didn't think I'd be into plastic haired gals, but since falling for the tiny Mirai doll from Figma's Mirai Suenaga, I'm more partial to wanting them these days!!LOL!

Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Photo Shoot at the Beach!

I finally was able to find, amongst the tiny clothes from previous dolls, a bathing suit to fit my tiny gal. So, I decided to do a little photo shoot at our private beach!!

 It was a gorgeous early morning too! The tide was high and the wind was blowing hard. So I was having a hard time getting the tiny towel to stay on the sand. Still it was lovely!

 A bright sunny day!
 Checking to see if it would be safe to go in...

 It was fun, but time for this one to go indoors!! Then, later that morning I headed out to the Post Office and these items arrived!! Yay! I had gotten some shoes, panties, and stockings!

 Then, from another site, I found this Coconut Tree for background scenes and some frames...hmm, I wonder?!
 I also binned a set of six bear ornaments from ebay, to add to my collection below!!
Now, I have three girl bears and four boys bears!! But just before the day ended, I decided to redress my little girl and take some more photos!!

Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Some Goodies Finally Arrive!!

It's been really busy with the holiday season and that means the mail will be slow-er too-_-; I got these goodies in today!!

 A small packet of Takara miniature shop district set of 10! A for so long wanted Ayumi Uyama set, and finally a Glico girlie dresser! All will a part of my collection!
 For quite some time, I've been trying to find these sets cheap. Sadly, they never end cheap. Out of the six sets by Yujin, I have only 2...hmph! But these sets do show up, its just finding them cheap that hard-_-;
 So cute!
 The girls glico vintage toy set. It came with its original box and inside the blue dresser still had its mirror sticker to put on. I've often seen these dressers in tan or brown.
 It comes with a tiny stool, mirror, and perfume lotion set.
 What amazed me besides the mirror sticker being intact, was that the sticker was of the two cute squirrels, Hans and Margarita, from the Toei animation movie, "Swanlake"!!
 Too funny!!
 I love the girlie face above from the box. Brings back a lot of memories!!

Then, I also received some Picco Neemo items...I will show off the Takara miniature shops next time!
Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls