Friday, September 26, 2014

Vintage Oike Minnie Fashion Doll!!

I received a long awaited dream doll! Minnie by Oike Co. Japan, 1968.

I've always wanted to get one! But just couldn't afford to get her. Usually I'm outbidded, but not this time! I guess no one wanted her, poor baby! There's just something about her sweet face that reminds me of vintage shoujo anime!! She came above with a cute lovely green mod dress with boots!

I washed her hair and cleaned her up above and below! I also found the outfit I got MIB several years back, just in case! LOL, and I think these red heels suit her better in this dress!
Below, the dress that was MIB, suit the boots better!

 My vintage Minnie doll ads above and below!

Oh, I also been busy scanning some of these amazing vintage doll booklets! I will add original booklets to my shop for sale and if you can't afford those, scanned pages too!!
Just some examples below, Chichan...
and Hitomi and Emily booklet too!!
Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Retro Shoujo Goodies For the Shop Have Arrived!

Today's mail, took a long drive to get to, uptown, and in pouring rainy weather too! Since, having my local Post closed, getting the mail has been a bit tricky. Something that usually takes five days for me to get, now takes 7! Only because, now it travels to a 96915 zip code, then the notice gets placed in my PO at 96917, then I have to drive up to Hagatna to pick it up, Whew!

I got home late in the afternoon from picking up the mail and doing errands, but at least I get my mail! Here's what came in!
 I've been getting many requests for more retro shoujo girly goodies in the shop! So, here are a few that I've found, another Masako W. castle pencil case, similar to an earlier one that sold some time ago, a Lot of two retro girl coin purses, a Masako W. bento box, and a Masako W. desk organizer.
 Masako Wantanabe vintage bento box above and below, in good condition for its age I just love her artwork!

 Masako castle pencil case, with beautiful retro girl artwork inside and on the cover!

This lovely Masako desk organizer, I've seen often, but just never got a chance to get one, til now!
 Its nice to find one still in its box too!

 A beautiful retro girl surrounded by flowers above... Still deciding if I will add this item to the shop or not!? I'm falling for it! LOL

 These two coin purses with straps. The artwork is similar to Masako's or Miyako Maki's. They were probably more like a copycat or cheaper versions of the real thing! Still a lovely reminder of the good ole' days!
Most of the items above, will be listed in my shop! So check it out!
Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

New Project! Miniature Manga Books!

Yup, you got it! I got those wooden open books for a reason, to create tiny 1/6 scale size manga books that your dolly's would love to have!! Since making one using the hello kitty rement into a "Peach Girl" manga for my 1/12 scale dolly here, I just had to figure a way to make more... So, I did and they will be added to the shop soon!!
 I started off with painting the sides of the wooden books a white wash acrylic paint. After they dried about a day later, I printed out some manga covers I found online. Some I have in my collection.
After cutting them I took the printed covers and inside pages and matched them to the books. I then, used Mod Podge and a paint brush, and glued them on. I waited at least an hour or so for each side to dry and did the next step. After the covers dried and the inside page, I then took a pencil and free hand drew in some lines to act as the other pages in the book, below.
 The finish product!
 "Attack on Titan" above, and vintage Shoujo, "Candy Candy" below!
 One of my fave manga collections is, "Chobits" below!

Inside page too!
 I also did "One Piece" and I can't forget to make more of "Peach Girl"!!

 My model below showcasing her manga book collection!
 Just a few of the books available below!! I will be making more and with other titles! If you have a particular manga you'd like done, just email me, info. is on my "For Sale" page or you can contact me thru my etsy shop here!
Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls

Saturday, September 20, 2014


I didn't get a chance to post about these items that also came in from the other day!

I got this large display case for a project... Can't wait to share with you more soon!

Then, I received this lovely mermaid anime figure thru ebay! It's hard to find anywhere else, sadly! So, she also arrived safely to me from Japan!
"Shining Wind" Houmei mermaid figure, just gorgeous! The nice feature about this one is that you can take off her hair accessories and just make her simple! Need to do some beach shots with this one!!

I also got this rement set for the tiny cases! I have the same yellow/clear plastic case and pill case in human size, from our local 100yen store!!
Then, some wooden open books through etsy, for a project I'm working on!! More on this one soon too!
Finally, I was able to open up the plastic holder for the eraser, because I saw something dark inside, and sure enough it was a tiny bell!! The original owner wanted to hear bells ringing while she was erasing, cute!
Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls

Friday, September 19, 2014

Mail Day Today!

It's been some time since I got something from Yahoo Japan... So, today a few goodies came in and I hope to get another box next week sometime, with goodies for the shop!?
 Items above, are a figma Seto San a complete version, not just a mermaid tail! Another version of the little mermaid book to add to the shop, a different version of Princess Shirahoshi sleeping, and a Lot of random girly items!
 This version of Princess Shirahoshi is mine, since Sara took my other one! LOL
 Can't wait to check out Seto San above! More later on!

 Another version of Hans Christian Andersen's tale of the Little Mermaid. A bit more modern, but still cute! I will add this book to the shop too!

 Retro Girly Lot, included a Masako Watanabe case?! A Maho no Makochan necklace, and a cat id wallet!
 This one above will be added to the shop. A Hanna Barbera cartoon character?! Trying to remember... ID wallet.
 I love this cute Makochan necklace. I will need to get out my Makochan brooch and take a pic of them together...
 Close up of the pendant.
 I took a closer inspection of the Masako W. case, my fave of the Lot... slightly dirty, I was excited to see what it actually was. I thought it was a wallet or coin purse, like this one I have here?! Or maybe a lip gloss case from back then...hmm...
 But, it was an eraser case, with an eraser, still inside!
 I took the eraser out and of course it was used, but underneath was interesting too!! Some tiny papers or stickers?
 A closer shot of the eraser above... Below, the eraser, the card inside the case, and some paper doll accessories, I assume?
Very cute! I definitely love the eraser case! So small too! The paper doll accessories were probably stored in there by the original owner of the eraser case, maybe she didn't want to lose her paper doll accessories... I wonder?!

Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls