Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Spartus Electric Tea Cup Clock!!

 I just received this amazing vintage Spartus Electric Tea Cup Clock today!!! And it is soo dreamy for sure! Doing my usual searches, I couldn't resist getting it, when I saw it. I love the 50s styling and look. It will definitely go well with my collection too. Made by Spartus Corp. Chicago, around 1950s or early 60s. I've seen other colors in white, and aqua so far. There is no dial to turn to adjust the time. So, instead you just carefully turn the minutes hand. It has rarely been used and in lovely vintage condition too!

Next, I got this vintage rubber half doll from a fellow seller and collector through IG. He was selling another doll and I asked for this one instead. She was positioned, like a hand puppet on the doll he was selling. LOL I fell in love with her quirky look. She arrived to me and I had to clean her up. Not too bad too. She will be a great mascot of sorts on my page... I wonder what she was on, perhaps a car? Definitely made in Japan. Who can resist that face! I also happened to be grocery shopping last Saturday and found a New Kabaya Jewel Box set for sale. I grabbed two. LOL Still cute and I enjoy the chocolates from this one. Then, I also found a set of cute animal hair clips. I listed them in my shop last week and most of the colors just sold quickly. I was even asked if I could sell the whole card to one buyer. But, a few had already been purchased by a few customers.

Last, I decided to try and see if I could sew this cutie fuzbear a body. I didn't have enough aqua fur, so I made his body sorta smaller then normal. I even added a squeaker to his right paw, and a  bird sounder to his tummy. So, when you squeeze his palm it squeaks, and when you hold him by the hanger, just shake him and he jingles, with a tingaling sounder like in those roly poly dolls! I was already asked if I would sell. I haven't decided yet... With it being so hard to find a Rushton Happy Face bear nowadays, I am thinking the one's I make might be the best I can hope to own for now...

Lock down restrictions have been lifted. So far, so good. I hope you all have a great week.

Thank you for reading! ~ ggsdolls

Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Happenings and Dreamy Finds...

 I haven't posted awhile... Mostly because, many things are happening that I've observed. Like; the mail is even more slow, as if it was the Holidays already. Not surprised though, since COVID began, more people are shopping online and more mail is in transit. Some other issues are afoot, but I am okay with it and that's just the way life is. So, I'm going with the flow... Any who, here is what came in!!

I was commissioned by a friend to win and get this cute Gund mascarade bunny! She is lovely and I saw one for like $1400 on Ebay!! Oh my, lucky she won this gal for a lot less!! Next, I also got this lovely pink terry cloth Rushton lamb. She is in lovely preowned condition and I replaced her bow and added a vintage paper flower. She is already listed in my Etsy shop!

Then, this lovely vintage 'Jack in the box' kitty squeak toy. I've seen this before from another collector. This one has a cute painted kitty with a ball on the front. I bought it via Ebay, and it still squeaks too! When you press the button, the little kitty jumps and squeaks at the same time!! LOL Made in Japan by Shackman Co.. I also found this lovely mint in box vintage silk pose dolls or "Bunka" dolls. I was in shock and to find them in the US. The box says, "Old Play", according to Google. The dolls were well taken care of and in lovely condition too. The last photo comparing the others I have in my collection.

This cute ceramic pup I got from Susie on IG, I made into a furry. She is so tiny and I think she turned out cute! Just one of the things I am doing to keep busy here under lock down. LOL I also received today, this lovely vintage Columbia Toy Easter bunny in blue. He was actually with floral ears, but... Yup, I changed it to satin pink! Haha! Now, he matches my cute wall Plaque made to look like him! He is probably 1950s, and has foam stuffing, thus why his ears can stand straight upright along with the wires that are inside him.

Last, this cute made by Oike Co. New/Old stock plush white bear with original tag, booklet and box! I just got him from DHL today!! He is in amazing vintage condition and his booklet is so cute too!! He has a collar with a gold tone Oike Co. symbol. Just look at the other dollies featured in the booklet too! There he is on a boat with another bear! I will be adding him to my Etsy shop later too! So be on the look out!

His original box above. Well, we will find out if we continue on lock down this Friday or not...

Stay safe and well my friends!

Thank you for looking! ~ ggsdolls

Sunday, September 13, 2020

Commissions this week!

 The past two days, I have received mostly commissions in the mail. These are items, that collectors have asked me to locate or buy for them. It makes me happy to know I can help others get and purchase their dream toys. I do have a small fee, but, trust me, I don't make millions from it. I don't advertise this service often. Mostly, because it can be time consuming and a lot of work, if you are a one person operation. But, it still gives me pleasure, in knowing that a fellow collector is able to get, what they have only dreamed about finding...

A fellow collector had me purchase these cuties called, "Calico Critters", and another set below. Lots of accessories too. I didn't open it up, and just took these initial photos to let the collector know, they arrived safely to me. Just adorable too! The train set is for a collector in the UK. I've helped him with other sets before. So, it was nice that he was able to get new/old item too.

The two Saila doll and friend above for another collector. She had been wanting a Saila since July. Sadly, we tried for an auction, but was outbidded. However, I was able to find her these two gals, from one of my favorite online shops. They are on their way to Singapore... I also bought this Saila mint in box car for my daughter. I had seen this car in Saila's booklet, but to find the car mint in box, Yesss!! The stickers weren't put on the car yet!! Whoa! And it plays music, I didn't know that it did! Haha.

Next, I won this cute Oike NOS plush squirrel. He comes with his original box and I already have him listed in my Etsy shop. In lovely minty condition too. He comes with his original tag, "Animal Pet" by Oike co. Japan. 1960s, I believe. I didn't take photos of his box. But, what an awesome find for sure. The same seller had a few other vintage NOS plushies listed!

Last, I found another NOS vintage Ninohira tiny cat brooch, while doing my usual searches. I was surprised to find it unopened. Of course I opened it and he is just so minty. I decided to keep the minty one with brown hair, and took the yellow cat with brown hair and gave her pink hair instead. What do you think? I may need to trim it a bit more...

Try to stay safe and well my friends!

Thank you for stopping by! ~ ggsdolls