Saturday, April 30, 2016

My Latest Amazing Finds!

Oh my goodness, I have been on a roll the past few weeks... I found some "Wish List" items online, and they came in the past two days! Yippee!

This poor cutie needs a repaint, and sold cheap. I found her thru etsy. I just had to get her!
 Vintage Squeak Toy Baby below afterwards... I think she turned out nice. She will be a great addition to my baby doll toy collection.

Then, I also found this cutie via etsy as well. He was in Canada and nicely priced also. He is a character for the camera company "Yashica"1963. I read he was a part of a giveaway back then. So, he is easily found often, but can be expensive to buy if it is directly from Japan. This one I got, was a lot smaller then most I've seen, and he is missing the Japanese characters on his sailor hat. Still, I've always wanted one!

 He will be a great addition to my rubber doll/toy collection!

I was able to order this Roly poly in blue, below, from Retro! I've always wanted to get a Roly poly I can fit it into my display cabinet. Whew!
 There are other colors available, red and yellow.

 While searching for vintage ceramic cuties, I came across these two gals on etsy. They are probably 1970s? They do have a serial number for each of them. But, I just love their red hair and stances. So cute!
 Sadly, the one in a tan top, has a hairline crack from hand to neck, and the seller did not say anything about it. Ugh.

 This cute modern enamel pin from etsy, is quite unique. I couldn't resist the quote, "Higher the hair, The closer to God." Ha. Nice. Colors are nice too. Danny Brito shop is here on etsy. I love some of his other creations too! I may get another soon?!

Then, my orders from an online shop came in as well... Two sets of vintage retro coloring sheets. I will add one to my shop, the other will be a part of my collection. Also, a really cheap Takara Chi-chan dolly. She is missing a leg, but I love her outfit and face. I have plans for her! More later...
 The two coloring sheet packs below. Each come with about 8 sheets of kawaii anime retro girly sheets.
 I like the backside of the bag too, see below.
 The eight sheets to color.
 Chi-chan is just too cute. I have plans for her, so I will share more soon...

Same online shop I got the coloring sheets and Chi-chan above, I found these lovely tan cuties. Both standing about 9 inches tall. I will have to decide, but both may be listed in my shop soon?!

 I couldn't resist getting them. If not for myself, someone will love them...

Thank you for reading! ~ ggsdolls

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Today's Mail Call!

Here's what came in today! Yay! The past week has been busy, and last week I found so many cheaply priced items, I just couldn't resist!!

This cute Rune Naito Panda Transistor AM Radio! Found on etsy. It just caught my eye for its Panda cuteness! Rune Naito draws her pandas the same way. Interesting that it ended up at a transistor radio.
 No antenna, and released in 1972 by Windsor Industries Inc. Hong Kong.

 Above, the power button and below volume control. It takes a 9 volt battery. Which we tried and it works fine. It will be cute on a desk or dresser!

I made a quick stop at the 100yen store and picked up a new tray, chocolates, and cute flower beads.

Then, I found this "Wish List" item!! Yay! A Junie Moon Blythe anime girl dress. I have been drooling for one for some time. I actually found one for a nice price via an online shop in Japan! Awesome.

 I love the Candy Candy art work on the packaging and the dress too. Can't wait to try it on one of my girls...

I won this vintage Rizmitto/Rythmic Guitar Music Toy thru Yahoo Japan.
 It is mint in box and guitar is so cute. I just had to get it! 1970s perhaps or earlier.
 The back of the box, shows you can use it to decorate your bookshelf, pretend play along, or hang it off of a purse or bag. It also comes with the tag.

 The song it plays is called, "For Elise" by Ludwig van Beethoven.
 Inside, is a music box. You can't open it up, but as you turn the dial you see the turning of the music box itself and the music plays...

Beautiful and so worth the money I paid. Out of all my new acquisitions in the mail, this costs the most.
It's even cute with Yui playing it!

Thank you for reading! ~ ggsdolls

Monday, April 25, 2016

High Buriccochan Etc...

Interesting Character figures called, "High Buricco-chan" from Amiami!

 There are many collectors that love bunnies or rabbits, but when I saw this up for pre-order a month ago, I have to admit, I was smitten by her!? I don't even know who she is or in what way she is popular in Japan for? Someone fill me in please?! LOL

So, I pre-ordered her set of miniature figures and she arrived to me this week.
 Love her 1960s style fashion, reminds me of some of the retro characters of the day and age. But with a bunny face, that is like a brick, or is it a block type? Who knows...Ha.

My favorite figures below, she is just too cute!
 Here is a side view of her. There are also tiny acrylic stands for the other gals in different poses.
 Just a few of the one's I like the most below... There are a total of 6 figures and 1 secret figure.
 Looks like a 60s band performing atop my anime girl case! Haha.

 I also received my April 2016 Pin Club mystery pin...
 A very cute Unicorn. Sara fell in love with it! Nice addition to my pin collection.

Just wanted to share quickly, Yui reading by the window...

Have a great week dear readers!

Thank you for looking! ~ ggsdolls