Thursday, May 31, 2012

Goodies from Japan...

I was so glad to see the new shipment in today! Many items to be added to the shop and a very small few...hint, hint...LOL for me!
Above some amazing pencil cases arrived!! First, the one on the left is by Eico Hanamura a lovely mod pencil case. I wanted for myself at the time, but I really need to make cash for other items to come in-_-; So, it was added to the shop! I won a lot of 2 pencil cases this next one is by Kazu-Nakamura, and it's similar to a large pencil case I used to own. I love her artwork as well, and it came with the Twinkle case at the far right. Then, this amazing and lovely Masako W. Lady pencil case. There were two being sold by one seller, but sadly, I was outbidded for the other-_-; I am still happy to have won this one, it was my first choice. Then I also binned these two vintage shoulo fashion coloring books and I must say I got them for the shop, but now, I just may keep them too.
Not photographed with the group above is a Maho no Makochan badge...

Some dreamy fashion girls to color inside! Some of the pages were colored already, by a previous owner. Still the coloring was nicely done!
 My lovely Makochan badge above. A lovely addition to my growing badge collection!

Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls

Betty and Jane Hybrids!

I haven't really posted anything about these two gals. But back in April I decided to get myself a pure neemo xs body. Just to see how small and how much more poseability it had. When the body arrived from Mimiwoo on ebay. I was just in love! This body was amazing. I originally got it to see if it could fit my Kiraz heads. Sadly, I would have to adjust or add something to keep the heads in place. So instead, I tried a Tiny teen head! Sure enough Betty was created! The body can fit some Remco Heidi clothing, some Lati Yellow dress or tops, but mostly, Hasbro's World of love doll clothing!

After creating Betty, I decided in May to buy another xs bod. Sadly, I do not know if they created interchangeable hands for this size yet, but I am hopeful. The Normal Flection bod is nice, but just to thick and a bit bulky for me. I simply love the xs size!!

Betty on the left outside. She can also fit Susie Sad eyes clothing too. Nice slender body, her feet can fit Licca shoes well. On the right, is Jane wearing World of Love clothing, shoes made for Lati Yellow dolls. The poseability of these dolls are awesome!!

I'd like to try other small doll heads to see what they might look like?!!
Thanks for reading!! - ggsdolls

Monday, May 28, 2012

Spent the Weekend Watching This!!

I spent the weekend watching "The Secret World of Arrietty." My children and I had been wanting to watch this movie since back in February when we heard it was going to be released in the theaters, but sadly, it missed Guam and didn't even open-_-; We were devastated. Then, recently we heard it was being released via DVD on May 22nd!

We checked our on demand channel and it was in!! So, we decided to watch it!! An awesome Studio Ghibli film!! A must watch for those who love Miyazaki's works!! - ggsdolls

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Small Package from Japan today!

I decided to get a few of the items I won via Japan sent to me this week. A few cute items for the shop, but mostly for a rare item that I came across and won!
I found another cute Aki square jewelry box, a margaret cute girl overlay, Pop fancy purse with jewelry accessories, a stationary envelope set as a gift from a seller, and a Lot of 2 rare and lovely Macoto memo booklets!
A closeup above of the Margaret overlay. Has lovely shoujo style anime girl and her kitty. I love the red gingham print in the background. This overlay is quite different from the others in my collection, in that there is a clear vinyl that covers this image and you put it over the image to protect as you write on a sheet of paper!
Sweet Rose and Sweet Violet memo booklets. Have lovely Macoto T. artwork on them. They seem more recent and not as old as his usual stuff, but these rare booklets cost me quite a lot of moolah-_-; I am deciding whether to keep one and sell one or not?
 Inside you can see the lovely Macoto notepad, and a card on the left. Inside is a place for your coins and a small pocket. Quite rare indeed!

Thanks for looking and reading today's post! - ggsdolls

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A treasured item found...

Last week, while doing my usual searches. I checked my dear friend's shop and found this amazing piece she was selling! I was so happy that it was still available, and decided to buy it. The item arrived to me today, and it has become one of my most treasured item to date!

Description: This is a lovely vintage "Margaret" anime folding fan. Made in Japan in the seventies and beautifully illustrated by Masako Watanabe. It is in unused condition and the front design still shows its original color. However, due to age, the parts made of wood and the back of the paper fan has discolored and there are marks.
Amazing that it has kept its beauty after all these years. I am guessing it is about early 60's? The wood is showing age, but otherwise the color and artwork is vibrant!
 It came with its original clear vinyl cover and still has the tag in Japanese for the Margaret brand.
Lovely galaxy-eyed girl along with Masako's signature. I have fallen in love with this one!

Thank for reading my rambling...LOL! - ggsdolls

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Shipment in this week!

Well, lately, I've been focusing on finding things to sell in my shop the past month or so. It's been nice and I've found many wonderful treasures, but it is so hard to tell myself, "No, I can't keep it!" LOL! I mean, yes, it is wonderful I get first dibs and all, but lately, I've often had to go back to my collection and say, "Nope, its gotta go!" Great for my buyers, sad for me-_-; But I will be okay...I just need to stay focused...

So, here are some of the items that came in this week!

 I was lucky enough to win a second Lot of Chieko Hosokawa sketch bags 2 weeks ago. This lot is very similar to the last one, but the bag with the retro girl in yellow is a button closure bag instead of the usual zippered closure style. Same design and look as the last two I had and sold fast in the shop! I also found a Lot of 2 colored pencil tins. This amazing vintage back pack with artwork by Sachiko? I need to do some research for her artwork...A lovely Robot and retro girl shoe bag, an airplane purse style bag with artwork that looks like Junichi N. but it is not signed, and finally, a Lot of 2 Hi bag with Koichi name artwork. A nice pair of vinyl totes too!

This lovely vintage kinder backpack with Kanna Sachiko artwork? Lovely retro girl and her kitty. The bag is lovely, but well used, with marks, and dirt to be cleaned...I would like one in my collection, but still deciding?

 Lovely anime girl colored pencil tin. I love the vintage southern belle look!

Most if not all of these lovely treasures will be added to the shop. So check back often!
Thanks for looking at this post. - ggsdolls

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Items that arrived today...

It's been really busy, but I am glad that these items arrived today, so I am able to place them in the shop! Check out what came in this week!

I won this lovely Chieko Hosokawa shoe bag, another vintage doll closet, this cute kewpie style soft baby doll, a set of colored pencils with a cute pose dolly box! The cute anime girl colored pencil tin, a rubber ducky with rattle ball, a set of boy and girl squeak toys, and finally, a set of Doggie trinket boxes or containers like Ayumi Uyama cute!!

This lovely Chiyoko H. colored pencil tin, a bit newer than my usual finds, but I still love the anime girl and kitty. The pencils were unused.

These cute retro plush doggie containers are just too cute. I am having a hard time letting go of them! Great for trinkets and such!

This precious kewpie soft baby doll, came with a lot of squeak toys you see above. I just love that he is able to lay on his belly!

Most have been added to the shop with the exception of the pencil tin. Thanks for reading!
- ggsdolls