Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Tiny Mini Dollhouse Furniture Found!

While doing my usual searches via ebay, I came across a set of two Mini Dollhouse Furniture Rooms. I decided to watch it and go back to it when I was done looking thru my other searches. When I did go back to this watched listing. I read in the description the size of the box itself, was about 5 inches long. I was a bit shocked and decided to bid on the lot not knowing exactly what I had found...

I won and paid for the item. The seller shipped it quickly and it arrived to me so fast this past Monday that when I opened the box. I was surprised to see how small they were, and exactly the size that could also fit into the Ben Holiday House!

 After taking them out of the shipping box above. You can see how each room is a complete set!

 I had to carefully remove each piece from the box and sadly, every furniture was either glued down or stuck with double stick tape. The tricky one's were the chairs which ended up with colored feet from the box, and very hard to remove completely with out breaking a leg-_-; Still, above the dining set comes complete with cabinet, fireplace, table, 4 chairs, and a corner shelf. I love that the dish cabinet has a picture of tiny dishes, cups, etc. inside. The corner shelf has painted on books, and other things inside too. Each chair had a yellow felt seat cover.

 The living room set above also complete. Did not give me as hard a time to come off the box as the dining did. This set comes with a desk, chair, couch, matching chair, rocking chair, lamp, and grandfather clock. When I tried to find out more information about these pieces, there were very few if any, one blog had them here. This blog showcases a set with bedroom that was to be sold, saying they were a part of Shackman Co.. I see that there were other variations in color to the sets. Sadly, mine did not come with a bedroom set. Then, I realized that a dear friend via flickr also had the same or similar sets in her stream pic here!! How nice, I remember when she had posted this pic I wondered how small the sets were, and now I know!

 I took out many of my glico furniture and placed the mini furniture in. The kitchen looks more like a kitchen with dining room. I love the fireplace, makes it a bit more realistic. I did however, have to change out the chairs since the yellow stubs just made it look messy. I added a doily to the table and the fireplace. I think now the second floor is my favorite room!

 another look on the other side of the kitchen...

I placed the rocking chair in the balcony for Mirai to relax in.

 Mirai at the sewing table. Behind her is the living rm set. You can see the TV by Glico, I added an area rug, the sofa, and chair. Along with the lamp.

A close up of Mirai, deciding what to sew next! Now, I wish I had gotten a few more of these houses!!

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Saturday, August 24, 2013

What Taby and Sam Brought back for me!!

Wednesday, my husband and my eldest daughter left for a short follow-up trip to the Philippines...I had to stay back this time to make sure our youngest Sara went to school etc. So, while they were off for their short trip and then got in early morning this morning, they brought me back some goodies! How sweet!!

 Krispy Kreme truffles! I didn't even know that they made truffles!! Awesome can't wait to try em' too! Taby says they're delicious!

 Then, Sam had gotten Taby a set of Danboard mini figures they found at an anime shop in Greenbelt!! I was like whaaaa?! Yup, I didn't even see that shop the last time I was there?! Sam said it was on the upper floors of Greenbelt 1, the one we never went too...ugh! I so missed out!!

 Taby was so sweet she had helped her Dad choose for me a new ipad mini case(not shown). Which was cute too. So now, I have 3 styles I can interchange with. Then she gave me a chance to choose one of her Danboard minis!!? I didn't want too, but she insisted...

So, I chose Tamiya above. He's so cute and lights up! The funny thing is, I didn't know that Yotsuba and Danboard are characters from the same manga!? So, clueless. I need to update myself on the latest mangas!!LOL! But I've always seen Danboard thru flickr from other collectors and thought he was cute...I just didn't think I'd own one...LOL!

Sam and Taby were so sweet to think of me^_~ I feel special! Thank you my family!

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Friday, August 23, 2013

More Figures from Hobby Link Japan Arrive!!

Today I received another package from Hobby Link Japan! I had ordered these items about the same time as Yotsuba, but instead of them shipping together, they were shipped separately...oh well!

 Yotsuba is curious...I actually got this cute Chibi-kyn Chara: Tsukihi Araragi figure on sale! Along with a Revoltech Pixar Figure Collection Sully and boo! There was some type of promotional thing earlier last week, probably for the Holiday, and many items were over 75% off!! I wish I had gotten more!
 Tsukihi is very cute in her kimono and small too. I could put her head on a Picco Neemo body D, of course after I've modded the neck peg... maybe?!
 Here is Sully and Boo. I love the Revoltech body, very poseable and you can even move his eyes!! He has an extra faceplate with teeth, and he comes with a teeny tiny Boo!

 I will more then likely give these two to my girls, especially since Sara loves em' more!!

 Boo's mask can be removed, and her head can move too. Here she is playing on my keyboard...

Yotsuba wanted to hold her too! These figures are lots of fun and its amazes me how articulate most of them are!!

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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Yay, Toys "R" Us is on Guam!!

Finally, a dream of mine has come true!! Back in late June, I was told by my husband's Aunt that a Toys "R" Us was going to open on Guam, at the Mall! I was happy to hear of it, but was being mum about it, only because, I thought his Aunt was just teasing...

But when my husband and I came back from the PI, last month after his surgery, sure enough, my brother had posted a pic of the sign put up at the Mall on his facebook!! I must say I was jumping up and down in my head...You see, Guam doesn't have many toys shops on island, but slowly and surely, we are starting too. We had a KB Toy store, but they closed down, and we have Kmart. There is a locally owned store called, Twinkles, but to finally have 'The place where a kid can be a kid!'...is truly momentous!! Especially for our little island!!

 My daughter and I checked it out today!! Just a small express store as it is called...but still there are lots of toys inside!!

 Mermaids and other things...

 Some of her faves on the shelf!! She likes Mike the Knight and anything Disney or Nick Jr.!!

 The girls isle, you can see they don't have tile in, but who cares, it's a Toys R Us!!

 In the mail Yesterday, I also got this cutie on pre-order thru Hobby Link Japan!! Yotsuba&! Revoltech Figure!! She's funny and with change faces as you can see above/below along with some other accessories...

 Me: "What's funny Yo?"  "Yes, I know I have an old phone!!"

Yotsuba: "This is not acceptable!" Me: "Sor-rie', I'm old and don't care much about cell phones!!"

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Monday, August 19, 2013

My Latest Fashion Teener Arrives...

While doing my usual searches thru ebay...I went into my fave search list and found 2 NRFC Mattel Fashion Teeners. There was a Moreen and Loreen. I already had a nice minty Loreen, but I've always wanted a complete Moreen set, especially with her clothing and shoes!! So, I decided to bid on her and to my surprise won her at such a low price!! Whoa, that's almost crazy and impossible to do, til' now!!

Generally, these cute teeny tiny barbies go for a lot. At least, since the last time I checked, but, I guess nowadays, they are just going and for a lot cheaper than usual!!

Well, she arrived to me today and I just had to take some pics of this amazing find!!

 Moreen above in her all minty-ness!! Believe it or not, I haven't collected anything barbie since 2000!! The only exception are these tiny gals. I just love em' and I guess because they were made during my birth year, makes them even more worth it!!

 Yup, these are teeny tiny barbie dolls made in the similar image as the suntanned 'Malibu' Barbie. Though smaller, these gals have almost the same bods as the older barbies with her long legs and tippy-toe feet! About 4 inches tall!

 a few pics below and above of the back side of the card. I love that they each come with several fashions and 2 pairs of shoes. You don't have to buy separate items, its all in one package!! Even better! I was tickled at the age sticker, 3 to 14!!

 I'm pretty good at not removing a doll from its packaging to keep the value, but at the same time, its more fun to play with them!!

 I love the artwork and the words above, "I have lots 'n lots of pretty clothes! Dress me up! Make me pose!"
 Moreen is the redhead. I think she is harder to find complete and with all her original fashions...

Look at her teeny tiny shoes!! It amazed me when sellers find them loose and still with the dolls!! Now, I just need to break out my other loose gals and do a photo shoot! LOL...

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Saturday, August 17, 2013

This Weekends Mail...

Today, I received a quickly mailed small packet from Japan, just before they went on holiday this past week!! So, below are the two items in it and some Ho scale items I got a week or so ago...

 Above, this lovely Pose doll style red purse case that I found thru Yahoo Japan. This item is already in the shop!! A lovely purse case and minty too!

 I also won a set of 3 tables and chairs. Each table came with 2 chairs. the seller said they were Glico, but I believe they are made in Hong Kong!? Now I think of it, these chairs are from a set called, "Mini Dollhouse Furniture" made of plastic and are Victorian inspired furniture! I've seen these on ebay! I will admit, now I'm a bit disappointed that they're not Glico, but they will have to do...

 I placed them on my end table with this lot of Ho scale train houses. I actually had 3 of the houses since early June, and just this past Thursday, I had gotten a set of 4, 2 story homes you see in the top right, and top left facing sideways...

 My husband is happy with these dollhouses cause as he said, we could use them in a Christmas town decor for the Holidays...It's great for the girls!

 This one above is a second fave, because it has that retro feel to it too, like my Faller House mentioned here.

 The 2 story houses, are cute and one is a store!

 This one above needs some work, as the tiny gate pieces broke off...a project maybe?!

 A third fave, this one story ranch style home...

 Yup, Mirai trying out the chairs for the loft! Sadly, one set needs gluing-_-; Still cute!

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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

More Mid Century Modern Furniture by Minisx2!!

I recently received two lovely Mid Century Modern pieces from Patie of Minisx2 on etsy, last week, and I've been dying to share with you these truly amazing pieces!! If you haven't already seen them in her shop!!?

Over the Summer, whilst I was in the Philippines, I was doing my usual searches and in my activity stream on etsy, I saw from the corner of my eye a lovely blue daybed/couch! I immediately, clicked on the pic, but sadly, the item had already sold!! I was just amazed at the craftsmanship and look of these pieces! I wrote Patie and asked if she was making more, and she did! Patie was such a sweetie and told me pricing along with all the details. Sadly, I had to wait a bit as I didn't have enough funds to get them...til' recently!

 This lovely daybed is gorgeous and in 1/12 scale. The bottom half is removable to have it in the 'L' shape. The shelving reminds me of my parents old headboard, that my sister and I used to play on as if it were an apartment for Barbie!

 I especially love the coloring. You can take the cushions off and repaint them to a color of your choice. That's a nice feature for those that might want a different look!

 I then, also snatched up one of Patie's Danish modern miniature floor planter. It goes nicely with the daybed! You can remove the plant from the base and place something else inside if you wish!!

I love using Patie's pieces in my miniature rooms or homes. They can be modern yet have retro feel to them and are so beautiful to use in any seen!! So be sure to click on the link above to her shop and check out what amazing pieces she creates!!

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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Mirai's Loft Completed...

Ahhh, it's nice to see a project completed! Finally, I was able to do some things to the loft that I can truly say feels finished...

I received some more HO scale potted plants and a flagstone sheet to decorate the outer part of the loft. I must say it was fun and a joy to decorate this part of the Ben Holiday House from CB2. Now, this was the look I was going for!! A bit of 50's or 60's retro feel to a very modern doll house, which is actually a table decor...LOL!

 I used the flagstone sheet on the top as a lounge area for Mirai so she can sunbathe! Then, I used the rest to decorate the front section of the house...

 It actually turned out nicely and I love the retro feel of it. I then, added some of the potted plants to the entry way of the stairs(below), and the balcony area(above), along with the roof top!

 Mirai and her friend are talking on the second floor.

  more pics...

 The roof top, almost done...I just need a lounge chair and umbrella!?

I wonder what they're discussing?!!

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Updated with pics inside!! Enjoy and thanks!!