Saturday, June 29, 2013

It's a Glico Haul from YJA!!

 In the mail today, I received many small items from Yahoo Japan, mostly made by Glico!! Yup, I think I have a new obsession-_-; I won a lot of unopened still mint on card Glico Gum toys, a lot of misc. Glico toys, Takara Sweet Nonno doll booklet and bedrm accessories.

 This lot of glico toys I got, because I wanted the TV! LOL. I also fell in love with many of the other toys! So, I will keep some and place some in the shop!

 I've seen this carded set twice now, and the one I got was for a lot less than the first I had seen. I look thru them to see which one I want for Mirai's loft. Some are too large and will be added to the shop as well...
 These are the ones I will use for Mirai's apt.. I love the tiny stereo, fridge, sink, lamp and two closets.

 I also tried a 'swap-aroo' and made a posey pinky street doll!LOL. She's just too cute to put back together in her original bod!! The doll is made from an Ayumi Uyama posedoll pvc toy, and a Pinky Street doll.
 Another shot!

I purchased these two cute human size fox purses from ebay! I have one that matches a blythe fox purse I got thru etsy! So cute! The green one belongs to Taby. She loves using it when we go shopping!

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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Some Items from Japan arrive!

 I was able to acquire a few goodies from Yahoo Japan as of late. Some retro appliance magnets, more Petier tiny shelves, and a Lot of 3 Eico Hanamura vintage plastic floral pins...
 I won this lot cheap. I thought they might be erasers, but in fact they are magnets and some of the pieces are small enough to fit inside Mirai's loft! One of the reasons I got them! They could also be used in my doll houses too!
 I bidded on this loose set, because I wanted to replace the blue shelf I have missing in my boxed one!
Above, are these amazing Eico Hanamura floral pins I won as a Lot! These gorgeous pins are similar to a pendant necklace I owned back in the late 70's, as a child. The one I used to own, I kept for quite some time! I believe, til' I got married, but sadly, after that, my memory fails me and I do not know what happened to it?! Still, this lot is an amazing find and brings back so many treasured memories I hold dear!
There are 2 that are the same and one that is different. I may decide to let go of the extra one, we will see?
I may still have a photo somewhere of that very pendant? hmm...

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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

It's the little things that has me hooked!!

Lately, I've been smitten by small little toys made by Glico candies or Lotte Gum too! Especially since most of my searches have been for the tiny furniture that were prizes from the 70's or 80' furnish Mirai's Loft!

 Above are some Glico toys I got in a lot of toys back in 2011. I just stored them and never really took any pics of them til' now! LOL. Below, are some of the furniture I found for Mirai's room. The dresser, closet, desk and table are from Glico, the other pieces are from Lotte.

 Mirai's loft above, I moved her room back up into the blue room for now...

 Mirai and a boyfriend on his scooter getting ready to take a ride!!

 I took the Glico cat out today and it looks like a little friend is napping on a tree, while the borrowers are out and about!
 Tiny Mirai is like Thumbelina sitting on this prickly flower!!

Mirai again, on the same tree with kitty! It was a lovely afternoon to take pics...

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Friday, June 14, 2013

In the Philippines!!

My husband and I had to go for my husband's appointment to see a specialist for an injury at work. It was a really nice short stay at the F1 Hotel in Global City all paid for by United Airlines. His appt. was at the New St. Luke's Medical Center there. So, below are some pics we took...

 A view from the 5th floor of the hotel. This is where the reception area is! From the view you can see St. Luke's, Mcdonald's, and a lot of other buildings. Very modern and many newer bldg's being constructed as well! We arrived on Wednesday evening, a 3 hour flight from Guam. Stayed two nites and we got back home by Saturday, early morning.
 A nice walking distance from the hotel!

 Our hotel room was very modern in black and grey colors!
 The bathroom sink! We had a bodega, and shower with two types of shower heads. One that was large and square and when you used it, it was like rain, and the other shower head, was for stronger shower?!
 Our laptop desk station. Nice and simple! They had wifi, ethernet connection, and universal plugs!

 This couch was wild to look at on the 3rd floor of the hotel. It was at the entrance, just before heading into the restaurant area!

Nice display of lovely buffet-style continental breakfast! A very nice experience I must say. We are of course back on Guam now and my husband and I will return to Philippines again soon for the actual surgery, etc.... We'll see if they put us up here for the next visit?!

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Monday, June 10, 2013

Progress with the Ben Holiday House/Mirai's Loft!!

Slowly but surely, I have the 'Ben Holiday House' updated since my last post here! Which is actually called, "Mirai's Loft" as I continue to decorate it...

 Above is an earlier shot using my camera and then below I used Taby's ipad which took better shots! So, I decided to use her shots instead! Okay, so what progress? Well, I added dark wood floors, and also received more tiny Glico toy furniture to add to Mirai's room.

 A shot above without flash! I love all the natural light that comes in from the windows!

 The top floor for now, holds some Glico Time Slip furniture. Some pieces I like, others are a bit too big for the room, but the cat sleeping on the pillow is just too cute not to add it here!

 The second floor above is currently Mirai's bed room. She has a friend visiting and the pink cabinet behind her is new, along with the table she is sitting on!

The ground floor was supposed to be a living room, but is currently the laundry room?! Til' I can find a tiny sofa set...Do you see Mirai's scooter in the doorway?!

 The dark wood floors along with the wall colors are nice. Slowly but surely, things are coming together!

Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

What Do You See? Alice!

Finally, was able to have time to wash Alice's hair today and take some lovely outdoor shots of her as well! Poor girl, was here a while, and her hair needed some washing. Sadly, as with all lovely dolls made in Japan, they love to use this oily substance to keep their dolls hair shiny?! But it is that same substance, that just has to be washed out when I get a hold of em'!! LOL!

 Alice has amazing large hazel blank staring eyes, but in some instances her stare seems almost hip-notic and curious to me...
 Beautiful rosey cheeks and lovely red lips, she almost seems to be in awe, at being outdoors for once!

 Above, one of my favorite shots of all!! Alice seems to be curious about the world, and yet so little in it!

 This one, makes her seem to look off to the distance, as if she wishes she was alive!? and 'alive', she looks to me!

Unfortunately, she will be placed back into her box. As Sara seems to be a bit scared of her blank stare-_-; Oh well...LOL! Her bangs are much nicer now, and she may be a keeper...
Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Our Mini Stay-Cation!!

This is actually our second time at our friend's condo. But the first time that I am writing about it!!LOL. A dear friend of our family is off-island to visit her family stateside, so she gave us the keys to her lovely condo apartment to enjoy while she is away...

Here are a few photos of this amazing place!
 Her condo balcony over looks Tamuning, Guam a very busy area for shopping and beach fun!

 The condo also has a great pool and beach walk areas to enjoy. She lives close to practically everything! The shopping outlets, movie theaters, restaurants. For us, it takes a 45min. drive up here to do our shopping needs, and then the same time to drive back home. So it is nice to be able, not to have too drive back so far! So, on weekends we've decided to be here and during the weekdays back down South at our home...we'll see!?

 Of course I had to take a little friend along! Here is a Mattel Fashion Teener, Moreen. She is sporting a Dazzle doll bathing suit.

 I wanted to show off her teeny tiny red heels! I used Tabytha's ipad for picture shots. She has a great camera on her ipad for tiny things!!

Moreen is enjoying her stay and the view. As we all are!!

Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls