Thursday, March 31, 2011

My Newly Re-reroot Kiraz by Nav S.!

I finally decided to have my dear kiraz head re-rerooted. She was actually a redhead before this reroot, but it was my fault, cause the color I chose, was different from what I was seeing on my computer monitor, and I was not happy with my color choice at all. The previous person who did it, did an amazing job though!

But I was not happy with the color I chose, so... with time I finally was brave enough to ask a dear friend, Nav Sikand of Virgin-Archer Studios to re-reroot her, and I was so glad with the process, cause he was very tentative to my needs and checking in with me at every step so that I'd be sure about color and styling etc. I am truly satisfied and more!

Now, I am loving this head even more so than before!! She has become my new fave as of late! Thank you dearest Nav for making my kiraz dream come true!! - ggsdolls

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Crailsheimer Looove...

I couldn't help but set up the Crailsheimer Living Rm set...I wanted to see whether it would fit in my Tomy doll room, but sadly it could not. Still it's a lovely set...

Using some items from my rement "Girl Style" and "Pink". I also added the cute retro tv with the screen redone using "Mitsuwa" soap commercial photo. Orange lamp vintage, but unsure the company.
I also received two family sets I won thru the feebay, this lovely vintage 1960's dollhouse family with Grandparents (not shown) from Germany, and a hard plastic family set (also not shown). I can't wait to get the bungalow-_-; - ggsdolls

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Some Items Arrive for the Shop!

One of the last few items I won thru Yahoo J. a few weeks before the disaster. I was able to have it sent to me. I still try to find more things to add to the shop...but for fear of the unknown...I've honestly been avoiding yahoo j. lately-_-; I've sent many monies towards Japan's economy prior to this, even after quitting my day job. But it's been really hard to make and keep funds coming in to support anything at this time...and I do hope that things get better for the lovely people of Japan, and for all of us in the world.

Its truly hard, nowadays, for everyone...Just need to keep positive! Still here are the new items... - ggsdolls

Lovely artbag, lunch bag, or carrying case for dolls above photo, and below many newly added coloring books for the shop! And below a song dedicated to everyone!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

My Latest Kiraz all the way from Greece...

She was acquired thru a dear friend whom I also adopted her Kiraz. This particular Kiraz actually waited for me til' I was able to get her. She is wearing a blue suit fashion that I have not seen thru ads or catalogs. A lovely blue coat top, and slacks. She does have her original undies on. I am still working on her hair, and trying to find its original look...
Since my dear friend Marc created a website with a lot of information of Kiraz dolls, I couldn't help but want to collect more of them if I could find them!
It's true what Marc says on his site, "Once you get them in your hands, you can't help but fall in love!" - ggsdolls

Monday, March 21, 2011

My Latest Item from Germany Arrives...

Lately, I've just been smitten by these vintage Crailsheimer living room furnishings. I found this set mib and lovely from feebay. All I need now is one of those amazing stylish homes to put them in! I love the sleek style of the 50's, 60's, and 70's mod dollhouse furniture from Germany. I found a museum site and blog that showcases all of these lovely houses!

Beautiful mib furniture above 1:12 scale. I know this lovely furniture will fit in my Tomy dollhouse too! Still it will be nice to actually have a similar dollhouse made from Germany too!

Then, I was also able to finish some new style jewelry for the shop. Above, a tiny version of the large cameos I have, but for cell charms instead! Also, below I found these lovely sterling silver cameo bracelets to make! Really nice and you can put a little bit of every thing! LOL! - ggsdolls

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

ggsdolls Desk Calendars are here!

I wanted to do this for some time, and finally I was able to get them done. So, here they are! I have only a limited quantity at this time, but I have listed these desk calendars showcasing a few of my lovely vintage dolls. It was so much fun to do too! check out the ggsdolls shop for pricing! - ggsdolls

Monday, March 14, 2011

Latest YJA Items In the ggsdolls Shop...

On Saturday, to my surprise, I received my latest haul from Japan. I was not expecting it for a few more days, but it was nice to see it arrived safely. Lately, I've been so busy with my jewelry making shop that my doll shop is taking it slow these days. Still I found some really nice items to add to the shop and above many have already been listed!

I don't know what it is about these vintage posedoll notebooks or signature books, but I love em' I am always drawn to getting them, yet they do not sell to well in the shop-_-; This one above is one of my faves, I am still trying to decide if it will go to the shop or not...I love the doll style!

Then, a find for myself of course! This lovely "Tsuzipet" I knew it wasn't by the usual Bandai or Oriental Pet Toy companies. It says on his collar tag Tsujimoto Company. So, still I decided to buy him. He was a bit more expensive than my first orange colored stuffed dog, but the nice feature of this one is that he has his original tags and box too!

He has bright red tone fur, and a white faux hawk at the center. His ears are bendable and his coat of fur is nice and clean, considering his age. Now, I need to take a photo of all my lovely stuffed animals together! LOL! That's all for now... - ggsdolls

New Items added to the Jewelry Shop!

Last week we were trying to travel stateside, but since we were not successful in getting out, I decided to work on a few pieces to add to the jewelry shop. Above a lovely large black cameo with Bear Rock #4 scene. It turned out lovely and I like the colors. Unfortunately, my supplier will not be selling black cameos with the colored sets, So this will end up costing more just to use black-_-;

A commissioned piece, Light blue cameo with Sirena the mermaid statue. The colors too worked out well for this piece. I know my customer will love it!

Sirena cell charm on light blue medium size cameo. I received a new lot of cell charm lanyards with different colors. So, I was able to use this white lanyard and it went well with the colors on the cell charm.

A Lovely Chief Quipua silhouette large light grey cameo necklace also added to the shop. I also had a photograph print for sale and it sold fast! It will be going to a lovely buyer in Colorado!

Then, another style medium size black tone cameo of our local butterfly. I actually got the correct size cabs for these settings and was able to make more of this style cell charms! Most of the items have already been added to the jewelry shop! So check it out! - ggsdolls

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Praying for those in Japan...

To all my dear friends and family living in Japan, my thoughts and prayers are with you in this time of need. I hope that recovery will be quick and many lives are spared. God bless you all. - ggsdolls

Friday, March 4, 2011

More Jewelry Completed and other stuff!

I am only showing a few here, but I must admit these are some of my favorite pieces created so far! They will be sold at a local event, and while that is happening, I hope to be stateside as well! It's been a really busy week so I hope to get many things done before I leave...

My ultimate fave is this lovely lavender pink plumeria necklace. It actually turned out really nice too! I love the beads I used and just the look of it overall.

I made 3 pairs of earrings and this one above is just one look that turned out really nice! Also for a local sale.

So far, this item above is the only brooch, I've made. I am not sure how well they will sell here locally? Still I love the color!

Then, finally a much anticipated dress made for skipper for my Kiraz. After seeing this similar dress on a friend's kiraz doll, I knew it was not original to kiraz, but made for skipper. Still the style is cute and I love green on her too! So much to get done and so little time! - ggsdolls

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Recently Received items from Yahoo JP!

Finally, I have some time to do a quick post of these latest wonderful finds! Above is a cute 1983 Mascot Pet Toy created by a company called, IWAYA Corp. Japan. I thought it was just a cute Shouwa Era Souvenir decor from the 60's, but instead its a cute pet toy! If you turn the base of the bowl the pet fish inside moves his/her mouth, tail and fins! How cute is that?! Too cute. These pets were probably the start for this company, and now they are still making amazing pets! Their mascot pets are similar to Zuzu pets, or Fur Real Pets!

Then, I was able to snag this cute retro dresser, with lovely sandblasted decor sliding doors at the top. I especially love the colors used for each drawer, instead of the same ho hum, the different colors make it look more retro and mod! After seeing this early in February, two others showed up and were snatched up for very high prices too...-_-;

Finally, more of my latest designs for the Gigi's Island Originals shop! I need to make several to have for the upcoming group that will be visiting from Japan! Thanks for reading... - ggsdolls